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  1. Wolvinof

    (Sort-of Vent) Is it dumb to get angry at questions about your OC, no matter how simple and basic the OC is?

    (I'm going by the idea that the guy isn't on the forums. If he is and sees this, screw it, I don't care now.) So, I had an idea and did some art of an inflatable plane deflating. They were only meant to be a generic plane just so I could do a plane deflating, but a friend I was chatting with...
  2. Reserved_Krolik

    Trying to get an art career going while working Full/Part-time

    It's not the first time I've tried to do it, but I feel like I'm lacking in something, mostly when it comes to the the self promotion side. Perhaps I'm just too reserved. Also, my job has the worst timing in scheduling me for hours. Anyone else trying to get an art career going, or sustaining one?
  3. Aaron U Pictus

    How not to feel lonely?

    I'm not too sure who to reach out to anymore for the things I am going through. So I decided to post it here. For being so eager to love and easy to give emotion there really hasn't been many in my life willing to take it from me. And I guess it's starting to take its toll. I have no family...