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  1. shetaizettai

    Looking for a horny male Venusaur (18+ Rpers)

    Anyone who's interested in playing a male Venusaur who is in heat and would like to cross boundaries and penetrate their male trainer? Other possible scenarios: Macrophilia: A giant venusaur who would like to roll around is trainer inside his mouth like rare candy Mouth-play: A trainer taking...
  2. shetaizettai

    I'm looking for a horny Male Venusaur

    -Macrophilia -Vore -Human x Pokémon -Pokémon x Human -Dental Fetish -Mouth Fetish -Vore ALL welcome!
  3. shetaizettai

    I'm a trainer looking for a horny MALE VENUSAUR to fuck

    I'm gender fluid.