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  1. A

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: vernid adopt [$10 sb!]

    selling as i’m in need of money atm,, they’re also listed on my da, but i thought i’d try my luck here after eyeing the site for some time<3 species & base by @LiLaiRa on DA #001 #002 [please specify if you’re bidding for #001 or #002] #001 sb: 10 usd mb: 2 usd ab: 30 usd highest...
  2. SootTiger

    Soot's Art Thread

    For myself ----- I've been really getting in to Twitch so I've been practicing emotes and such. [Not sized to the correct standard for Twitch.] ----- Some adopts and their emotes. This adopt's base was not made by me. I wanted to link it just to show it with the emote. ------ A...
  3. Nevan

    Commission info~

    opening commisshuns! if you are interested PM me I WON'T DO FETISH ART NSFW GORE Headshot: Partial body Painting: Full body Color: Full body Lineart: