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video editor

  1. D

    Search video editing program

    Hi, everyone! Question on deck: where can I find useful tools to edit videos, add sound effects, crop and join together? Would be grateful for any help!
  2. MalGV

    Any free video-making programs you could recommend?

    Hey everyone, So I'm thinking about creating YouTube videos (on possibly art tutorials, some art history, showing how I do things, ect.) for supplemental income until I can find a job. I can't yet afford Adobe Premier Rush. Thinking I could just use iMovie, I tried to update it, only to...
  3. Ancert.Reovolt

    Video editor available for starting furtubers

    If you have no time to edit and you need a little help, let me know. Popular furries need not apply. If you have 100k subscribers, what are you doing here? Lol I'm looking for furry youtubers who have less than 1000 subscribers who need a video editor because of no time to edit. You must have...