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video game

  1. Vishunei

    Hiring: ($5+) Video Game-based Simple Icon/Commission

    Salutations/hello there. Just looking for an artist to do a commission of my hyena sona in the form of the tatakons, more specifically Don-chan from the Taiko franchise. I was thinking in the form of an icon/headshot. I won't even begin to express how much the series has meant to me and the...
  2. Kertit

    The game you always wanted but that doesn't exist (yet)

    Howdy people! Nobodies know me here so let me introduce me very quick: I'm Kertit, french 26 artist, kind of part of the furry community (im not that much involved in it but I still like it!) I'm currently unemployed, but I'm an Unreal Engine 5 user/developer. have done many few things with it...
  3. D

    Warframe Spawning

    So the Sisters of Parvos was released recently this week and I'm having trouble spawning my sister. I don't know if it's the bug or if it's hard for me. The lich was easy and simple enough to spawn, kill, and farm. The whole update brought the lich system to a whole new level. I'm trying to farm...
  4. L

    Trying to find a fairly neat quick time event based game.

    Hey ya'll! First time using the site and I just need help finding a game I believe was ran on unity, you would download it off of .io and run it that way. It was essentially a quick-time event based wrestling game, almost like a duel where you'd have to push a button just as you were told to...
  5. H

    Please check out/Support my free Visual Novel!

    Hey everyone! I'm HyenaDev. This is a thread for my in-progress Visual Novel, London's Aesop. What is this? London's Aesop is an LGBT/Furry visual novel set in Britain's glorious capital. You step into the shoes of Ethan Lockwood, a lonely young man with a heart full of secrets. A night out...
  6. D

    Things in Video Games you Hate

    Discuss things in video games that you despise, such as missions, mechanics, leveling, gameplay, character aspects, etc.
  7. Parabellum3

    How many of you know Ōkami?

    I expect that you furry and canine lovers alike should be familiar with this amazing masterpiece. It has definitely inspired me to do lots of things, especially made me interested in Japanese culture as a whole. I really wish that Capcom made another game already before it fades away in memory...
  8. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Modeling commissions! - VRchat and Vtubing avatars, 3D printing files, and more!

    I have 2 slots open at the moment for 3D modeling commissions. You can fill this form to see my rates and get a slot! For more info, or to get a 2D Commission, you can check my website
  9. F

    Furry video game titles

    Pretty much like Furry Movie Titles by @blue sky love / @wings of hope , just instead its video game titles!
  10. BrunoMax895

    Any Fire Emblem fans?

    Hello there. I was wondering if there's anyone here that played any game from the Fire Emblem series. I've played almost all of them now. It's hard to have for me pick a favorite, but I'm leaning a bit towards Path of Radiance.
  11. G

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Furry Alliances/Guilds

    After playing the closed beta I can say with confidence that this game will be the 2nd game online game that I will continuously play until I "beaten it." Since then, I was wondering if I could make a human x anthro alliance, which is what guilds are called in this game, but I was too nervous...
  12. 1

    RED HOT VENGEANCE (criminally underrated game)

    store.steampowered.com: RED HOT VENGEANCE on Steam For if you like a John Wick + Hotline Miami mashup. Get it: it's free and the most fun I've had in years. Cheers
  13. Rap Daniel

    Request: Rap on 4546B

    Could anyone draw Rap wearing a Reinforced Dive Suit (No Rebreather) and petting a Cuddlefish in Subnautica, with a Seabase and a Reefback(that one's optional) in the background?(he's actually in the game) I'd just ADORE that. PM me if you're gonna do that, so I know when to get my hopes up.
  14. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Video Games Where You Can Play as the Bad Guy!!!

    The rare game where you play, or have the option to play, as a villain! Tell me the game, console, and why the character's a villain! I'm much more familiar with older games though! ATARI 2600 Custer's Revenge: The Nerd: ''You fuck a naked chick up against a cactus!'' Native American girl...
  15. C

    Favorite videogame villains

    Either you hate them, love to hate them or just love them. Some have been cheated by society and now aim to change it, some are regular people like you and me that just happened to have a really bad day that changed everything for them, others are just a force of nature doing whatever they...
  16. C

    New Earthworm Jim being developed for new Intellivison console

    My monkey's paw wish came true! The new game is gonna be developed by the original team BUT it is gonna be released on a new console by Intellivision "There’s a new Earthworm Jim game in development by members of the original team. The title will be exclusive to the new Intellivision console...
  17. C

    Warframe Thread

    I've seen a couple of people in here mentioning Warframe so I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread to discuss updates, builds and other things Don't know what Warframe is? Let's me help you: -What is Warframe Warframe is a Free2Play game where you play as space ninjas with super...
  18. CertifiedCervine

    Nintendo Consoles: Which do you own?

    Just got my Wii out of storage last week, and that got me wondering, Does anyone still have their old consoles? How many nintendo consoles do you own? What console is your favorite? I still have my Wii, 3ds, and Switch, (think my gameboy is in storage, somewhere) and Imo, I can’t really decide...
  19. Ijaron

    WE ALL lift TOGETHER cover by fans for fans (project)

    disclaimer: this is not the finished product but a call for your participation in it hello everyone. my name is Norjia, while yes I wasn't as active as I used to be at this point in warframe i still have a great interest in the themes and music of it while I am not a great composer I would...
  20. DiamondVoid

    Creating a New Video Game

    Hello! I’m currently directing the creation of a new video game, and we need some more people on the team. It’s going to be a single player furry RPG game. We need some developers and a couple testers and 1 or 2 people who could make some music for the game. Only requirements are that you know...