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video games

  1. T

    Question about dakimakura designs

    So I am buying one dakimakura design from artist on Furaffinity and he hasn't never done one before. After I told what I was looking for he was okay with my idea. My only problem now is that I don't know where I could order it as custom design for dakimakura. It was for personal use only so I...
  2. Huge_puroballoon

    What's your favorite games?

    Just generally Wondering!
  3. Punji

    Fun Turn-Based Strategy Games?

    A genre of games I seem to play a lot is turn-based strategy games. They can offer quite a lot of differing mechanics and gameplay even within their own set limitations of being turn-based, and have made for some of the greatest (or at least some of the most continuously fun) games I've played...
  4. Mousie_Vore

    I am a mouse. No one has given me a name yet.

    Hello all. I have been curious about furries for a long time now. I like the idea. I want to learn things, and maybe one day have the self-esteem to go to a convention! I also love: Vore (Oral Giantess + Tiny) Video Games (Smash, DKC, Mother/EarthBound, Persona, Xenoblade, Shantae, Celeste, and...
  5. S

    Stupendium's Furry Music Videos

    Stupendium is a YouTuber who does songs mainly about video games that I recommend. He's done a few on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and in the latest he's done a touch of fursuiting: He also kind of did some for his video about Untitled Goose Project: I have a soft spot for him since he...
  6. Eli_the_Wolf23

    Thinking of making a couple of games for Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and PC

    I have many ideas to make mods and games too although it would be a free download for physical and digital copies of these games I feel like it would be nice to share these ideas.
  7. Freddydanger

    Animated Pixel Icons - 25$

    Hello everyone, my name is Freddy and I am offering pixel icon commissions at the moment. Please look over the examples and read the information below. Single icon simple expression: 35$ Couple Icon: 45$ (example is out of time, sorry) Triple Icon: 60$ I will do any size you wish for...
  8. cowboi

    Recommendations for video games for older people?

    My senior citizen aged mom and I have been extremely bored with quarantine and just for fun, we played Contradiction- Spot the Liar!, a FMV murder mystery video game. And mom, who hates video games, had the time of her life. This led me to the idea that we could try playing other games. Found...
  9. S

    Posting videos

    I really wanted to post my gameplay videos online I mostly record my gaming on my win 10 I really wanted to post it well I have a YouTube channel.
  10. Raever

    Simplified Media [aka Tldr; media version]

    How the game works: Make a tldr (too long didn't read) version of any piece of media you like, try to keep it (relatively/loosely) accurate while still being amusing to the rest of us. For example... Romeo & Juliet Two dumb teenagers fall in love and make a suicide pact because their parents...
  11. Spartan-666

    2020 releases you're looking forward to

    Which game or games releasing this year are you looking forward to the most? Mine is Doom Eternal. Honorable mentions include: Halo Infinite, The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Destroy All Humans and Resident Evil 3.
  12. Rap Daniel

    Your saddest video game moment

    It had been months since No Man's Sky's Beyond update released, and I hadn't seen hide nor tail of a rare Exotic starship, excluding other players' ones. Not one! I would visit Trade Stations, keep reloading my autosave to refresh the swarm of NPCs that land there, and I never saw an Exotic...
  13. Leocrit

    My Top 10 Favorite Wolfman in Gaming

    The first Furry Game Reviews in October, and i'm doing Werewolves this year, and there are a lot of werewolves and wolfman in gaming over the years. So which one is my favorite out of all of them? Watch the video to find out.
  14. driftingdragon

    LISA: Feedback, Favorites, and Gameplay strategies.

    Hi everyone! LISA and the DLC LISA: The joyful is a common topic of conversation for those of you who know me well. I was just opening this thread to see how many other LISA fans are out there. And what you all have to say about it. One of my favorite things other than the diverse game-play...
  15. Andie

    xbox player!

    hi, I'm Andie cx I'm looking for other furries who play xbox so I have some new gaming buddies! I play Destiny 2, Minecraft, For Honor, Red Dead, and Black Desert! my gamertag is reslaytable, add me!
  16. Andie

    Furry Xbox Players

    are their any gamers furries who play xbox! I'd love to become friends and play together! You can add me on discord, reslaytable#9712 , or add me on xbox, reslaytable!
  17. M

    Programmer/Software Developer looking for side work

    I'm a programmer for a few years in the software industry and I'm looking for something more productive to do in my spare time. With that said, I'm wondering if anyone has any projects out there, be it generic software, video games etc that they'd like an extra pair of hands to help out on, or...
  18. SkyeLegs

    Video Game Songs with Vocals

    I'd like to create a thread specifically to share video game songs that include lyrics. I always love it when they do, it makes the game more memorable and special to me. I'm only counting original songs written for the games, not licensed soundtracks. Here's two songs from different Konami...
  19. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Warframe News and Info

    www.pcgamesn.com: Here’s a peek at Warframe’s Railjack ship interface
  20. Leocrit

    Furry Time Travel Games?

    I'm trying to find any furry related games that involve time travel beside the Blinx games, does anyone have anything else besides that?