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  1. D

    Videos that cheer you up

    Now and then all people feel down, unhappy, lack of enjoying things, or just upset about something. Sometimes a simple, heartwarming video, can make you feel much better. I'd like to see videos that you've seen that made you smile.
  2. D

    Clickbait the user above you

    I find clickbaits rather irritating, but at the same I will fall for them shamelessly. I figure I want to joke about it with all of you. The rules are rather simple Come up with a funny clickbait title for a video or article and reply to the user above you with it For instance: -User 1)...
  3. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  4. M

    Favorite Video Game Intros

    What's everyone's favorite video game intros? I'll start it off with FF6 and X-Com: UFO Defense.
  5. inkbloom

    Nonfurs draw their fursonas

    I love this channel of artists, but this video was particularly cute. It's fun to see the different styles and ideas they came up with.
  6. TyraWadman

    Forum Image/Video Not Displaying

    Sometimes I can see images. I can see all the images I post. But then there are lots of other posts where I just see
  7. hexadec

    Maybe a solution for video upload ?

    (Edit: I think I posted this thread not on the good forum, should be forums.furaffinity.net: Suggestion Box, sorry for the inconvenience!) Yes, I already read older posts about video and I know the current limitations: Video needs heavy storage space (It is not easy find the good settings for...
  8. Sorang

    Tutorial: Video Tutorial: How to draw a cat

    didinossauro on Twitter asked me for a help on drawing a cat. So I made a video for Didinossauro who has been interacting with me quite frequently! I hope it will help him and also others those need help with drawing a cat. You will be able to learn why you should be aware of the structure of...
  9. Awoos the Plush

    Byte thread

    Share your favourite videos from the app Byte on this thread! This forum doesn't support the videos yet, so please post them as a link
  10. Omny87

    Weird/Interesting YouTube vids that pop up in your feed for no reason

    What are some weird, creepy, interesting, or unorthodox videos that, by some quirk of the unknowable algorithms, have appeared in your recommendations on Youtube, even if it has little to no relation to anything else you've watched lately? For me, I've recently gotten these weird videos in...
  11. Awoos the Plush

    Stupid short videos thread

    post the funniest, dumbest and most random vines, tiktoks and other videos in this thread.
  12. Gangsta Fox

    Sony vegas help

    So I use Sony vegas to make very haha funny videos you see? Well now I have 2 drives. C drive and D drive. Is it possible to install the other drive? For free? Or do I have to re-register for a product I already own?
  13. Misha Bordiga Zahradník


    I love Eastside Show SCP for these readings.
  14. Narri

    Good copyright free music to use for vlogs?

    Anyone know of good songs to use that aren't used to death?
  15. Y

    show furry videos that you like

    Please follow Furaffinity forums policies. this is my first time using any kind of forum ^^ Please show each other furry related videos from YouTube you like to beat the boredom Here is a cute video
  16. gabbo13

    Are there any filmmakers in this fandom?

    About The Fandom documentary on YouTube and the feature film about the origins and the acceptance of the furry fandom, and the hype for the first Furry Film Festival, I just wonder if there are people who work on the industry or independent/freelance, and if there's any project to show and share...
  17. KawaiiPeachcup

    Whose tail?

    This may have been posted before but I just came across this song and it's adorable so I wanted to share it. Also it's stuck in my head now... *Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!*
  18. K

    Working on Furry Fandom History video!

    So i decided to make a 3 or 4 part series about the history of the Fur Fandom itself (1976 to 2019) I already did the first part today, i didn't want to do my algebra homework (idk any of it, forgot it all) but, anyway, it would take a while for me to finish everything as this is a pretty big...
  19. A

    Our Guilty Pleasures

    Hey there. As it's been a while since I've interacted with these forums, I've decided to start a discussion about guilty pleasure games (or, to be more specific, games you enjoy that many others don't.) For me personally, Sonic R has been a game I've really enjoyed since picking up Sonic Gems...
  20. Y

    Looking for Fursystem’s old horse bed tf video

    Hi guys Another search. This time for Fursystems old horse Tf in bed video from several years ago. The channel and 99% of other videos are still up and I presume this one was taken down to due new YouTube rules and regs. Appealing to see if anyone saved the video or would happen to know if a...