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  1. M

    Found a video of a guy claiming that furries are "the scum of the earth", is open for debate

    Title says all.
  2. JohannesburgFriedOil

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    This video is being recommended to everyone on YouTube, and it not only made me leave the furry fandom but also hate it, not only because of the points in the video which I believe to be true, but the comments are full of anti-furries and are like "gas the furries" and "if furries want to be...
  3. A

    Video Games With Your Significant Other

    To say that my most recent breakup was a rough one would be a massive understatement as the reasoning behind it was much worse than simple arguments. I do, however, have many positive memories associated with that relationship with one of those being the few times we played video games together...
  4. M

    Kothorix's new video makes me want to stop being a furry.

    Seriously. I watched it all. It almost made me fucking cry. seriously now i'm a bit depressed and angry that the fandom that i like and want to be associated with is like this, and i feel like taking it out on either myself or this $200 music sound module my dad bought me that's on my desk...
  5. w0rks

    Video link on furaffinity.net

    Hi there, which uploader do I have to use if I want to upload a video that you just click on and it plays right? I had already posted a video on Youtube, but I do not want to use a Youtube link in my post How can you do that when you click on it you can watch it immediately without changing...
  6. S

    Buzzfeed made a video about Furries

    Iam just going to drop this here... ... and let the video speak for itself. ^^ DISCUSS
  7. BaoBun

    Spyro Remakes

    I honestly can't wait for these remakes, I'm borderline crying in anticipation for these!
  8. SevenArms

    I made a new speed paint video

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome :)
  9. SevenArms

    Paint demo or speed paint?

    I made a paint demo video of this big guy, is on youtube. But how do you call this kind of videos?? Paint demos or speed paints?? English is not my native language and I don't know is the same or there's a difference between them. ñ_ñ Here is the video: I'm still looking for a decent...
  10. Sunburst_Odell

    What Is Your Favorite Video on YouTube?

    For me, it's this: This video is so old and it still makes me die laughing. What about y'all?
  11. H

    starting/restarting a let's play and art stuff youtube channel

    so iv try a few times to do a few thing on youtube but iv always been really perfectionist with a lot of the video but im trying at it again, iv got a few let's play planned as well a few speedpaint after i figure out how to make speed up the video as well as a few how to make videos after i get...
  12. Sloterdriek

    First 3D walk cycle

    i have made my first walking animation in cinema4D. i think it looks a bit of, Feel free to give any kind feedback I love to hear some.
  13. Felix Bernard

    YouTube Poops, anyone?

    I don't know about you all, but I always really really loved YTP. They make me laugh every time! I decided to buy a video editing program (cheaper side) and try it myself! Here is one I made, definitely relevant to the fandom haha! Disclaimer: YTPs are supposed to be satirical and somewhat...
  14. Diiragon

    Critique my painting? + Video

    So I posted this speedpaint to my channel, trying to practice digital painting/lineless. It's my first real time doing something like this and I would like some feedback on the artwork! This is the speed paint video - And this is the actual painting - www.furaffinity.net: Kit Kat...
  15. KimberVaile

    Any programmers out there?

    Heya folks, any of you fine furs out there proficient in programming? I myself do some coding in C++ (still learning) and had done some coding in Java (I coded my first turn based rpg in java). I was wondering if any of ya folks liked programming game engines and the like! Nothing terrible...
  16. S

    Cute Videos

    Do you know that feeling? You have a bad day, you are browsing the interwebs, and all the sudden you come across a cute video that manages to cheer you up again! :D That's what this thread is all about. I think I will make the start here ;) Its adorable dont try to tell me otherwise :D
  17. H

    Check out our YouTube let-play's and speed-paint channel's

    GREETINGS!!! and thank you for taking a look at this forum post as it mean a lot to me and my friend as we try to make cool stuff together. so what we are attempting to try and create a let-play YouTube channel, along side making art and other video's for our own channels, pulse this give us a...
  18. Kabber

    Crystal Kingdom - Multiple Animator Project - OPEN! Animators welcome!

    Hey! Do you like animating? Do you like collaborating with other animators to make something beautiful? (do u like the adventure zone?) If so, take a look at this OC Multiple Animator Project! Just ask for a part, animate to it, and in the end we'll make something beautiful! You don't need to be...
  19. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons be walkthrough!

    Hey guys! Check out the short Walkthrough video for my game called Dragons Be! Follow the links in the description to download it! Only $1.99 from now through March1!
  20. Impulse-8

    Bizarre/Amusing videos on YouTube?

    These five are my latest discoveries: 1. By Hyper 2. By Kmlkmljkl 3. By Hyper 4. By Constant Throwing 5. By Weeaboo Trash *Furry-related 'cuz Falco from Starfox is in one of these. -More below...