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  1. Ember_Kamura

    Ember's 3D model thread!

    Ah! Hello everyone! I'll be uploading a model for my game, Project Southpaw. This is merely a model of one of the enemies that the player will encounter in the game, though I can also say that it probably qualifies as a form of 3D model art. I know that the model is indeed missing it's arms...
  2. 1


    So tell me "furriends" what's your favourite attire in vidya you like to dress your character with? For me it's Hitman 2's Imperial Classic: Traditional but not boring, distinct and yet not too much as to go into loud territory. A perfect balance between style and elegance. Those gloves give...
  3. LuciferKat

    GIF of your fursona for 20€! Videogame-themed.

    Do you want something like this of your character? You can chose the pose, emotion, simple background, and the "dialogue". The base price is 20€. It may go up to 25€ if you want more movement or something more complicated. If you want one or just ask more info, you can reply me here or add me...
  4. B

    Video game close-calls

    i remember I was playing “Killing Floor 2” and this final boss had me pinned against the corner. My health recharge couldn’t be used, I couldn’t moved, and this boss was dishing out the damage. Yet I had my microwave gun and kept the “fire” button on. It was a race to see who would run out of...
  5. B

    How does Baldi kill you?

    what exactly does Baldi do to you?
  6. A

    You're a new Rainbow Six operator. Tell us about yourself.

    To those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, basically in this game called Rainbow Six: Siege there's this fictional counter-terrorism task force, Team Rainbow, whose operators are recruited from the most renowned elite units in the world such as SAS, SWAT, Spetsnaz, GSG9 and so...
  7. _Adamaniac_

    Need Help With Quadsuit!!

    So this is my first time ever making a quadsuit, and I needed some help. I'm trying to be the character Trico from the game The Last Guardian. The stilts are mostly done (aside for some tweaking here and there for comfort and movement) and i'm trying to get the shape right for the body. I made...
  8. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons be walkthrough!

    Hey guys! Check out the short Walkthrough video for my game called Dragons Be! Follow the links in the description to download it! Only $1.99 from now through March1!
  9. A

    [Creative] The Visual Novel Collaboration Thread / VN Dev Catalogue

    Greetings. The main purpose of this thread is to function as a catalogue of developers for those users interested in creating a visual novel of their own. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  10. A

    Have any of y'all ever considered doing a visual novel?

    I did, I'd love to make one in fact: I can draw so it'd be cool to make some dough out of it, the problem is that I can't write lol. Considered making a cooperative effort with some other bloke(s) maybe but ehhh I don't know, don't see it working For those who don't know, a visual novel is...
  11. KayleighAnn

    Retro Game style Perler Sprite of your 'Sona

    Remember those little plastic melty beads you used to play with as a kid, made a mario mushroom and forgot about it? Well, I kept at it and now I make big sprites. www.furaffinity.net: Shiny Chandelure by KayleighAnn I have lots of options to choose from, with prices starting at $10. US...