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  1. GambleFur

    Looking for long term gaming community

    Hello, this is probably going to be a much larger post than I intend to, but here it goes. To sum this up before you continue reading, this is what I'm looking for; A European gaming community, small to medium sized in terms of members (not looking for a giant community hub with 1000s of...
  2. 1


    So tell me "furriends" what's your favourite attire in vidya you like to dress your character with? For me it's Hitman 2's Imperial Classic: Traditional but not boring, distinct and yet not too much as to go into loud territory. A perfect balance between style and elegance. Those gloves give...
  3. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Cities Skylines Megathread

    I decided I'd start a Cities Skylines general thread for everyone. Post your screens, strategies, anecdotes, and whatnot here. With any luck, this thread won't end in Country Roads!
  4. C

    Elder Scrolls Thread

    Despite recent missteps by Bethesda TSO still remains as one of my favorite franchises. There's nothing similar to what they offer and the lore is pretty crazy and interesting. So, how about we talk about: Favorite entries Lore you love Interesting quests Favorite characters Things you...
  5. Jackie_Attak

    Anyone play Ratchet and Clank?

    Hey there! I'm new here and have been wanting to meet some cool people! I wanted to ask if anyone has played Ratchet and Clank before! If you have, comment below your favorite game and character of the series!! If you ever want to discuss Ratchet and Clank or other games, or just chat/get...
  6. C

    Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer

    ITS FINALLY HERE GUYS What are your impressions? Exited? Scared? Morbid curiosity? Confusion? I'm certainly gonna watch this on theaters, I need to witness this movie and the reaction of everyone watching this. Also, this version of Sonic reminded me of this Edit: Just noticed Sonic's arms...
  7. C

    Mortal Kombat 11 shitshow

    If you're planning to buy MK11 you might want to skip this one since it seems to be the new Battlefront 2. -Game has RPG-like armor system -This armor is earned through RNG rewards -You have to unlock MOVES through RNG -One time use consumable items that gives you boosts -All of these...
  8. C

    Pokémon Thread

    Let's have a good old Pokémon thread Let's start the thread by posting -Favorite Game -Favorite Mon -Favorite Spin-off -Favorite Starter -Favorite Eeveelution -Favorite Region Mine would have to be Sapphire, Roserade, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: explorers of sky, Totodile, Jolteon and...
  9. C

    Jojo Battle Royale

    Looks plain and boring as expected. I reckon if this gets released in the west we will have bullshit DLC characters like D4C: Love Train. At least we can still play Heritage, GioGio and The 7th Stand User
  10. C

    The future of Square Enix... if it has any

    -KH3 is being pushed to January in order to finish off their fiscal quarter with any profit just to avoid another 133 million loss tier disaster like the last quarter. -The FF7 remake isn't going to come out anytime soon. -They lost Hitman. -Deus Ex is a joke and no one finds it funny (aka...
  11. C

    Describe a Videogame with only one picture

  12. C

    Tencent/Epic making their own version of Steam

    I REALLY don't like Tencent but hopefully this will make Steam get off their asses and improve their platform The Epic store claims to not have DRM and that developers will get a 88% profit gain in sales while Steam offers 65% http://archive.is/n1vQp
  13. C

    Sony is now banning Visual Novels

    "All communications and submissions between game companies and Sony are now filtered through their California branch, in English – not just the censorship, any complaints about the censorship now have to go through the team performing the censorship" Now the Vita is extra dead lol...
  14. C

    Pizza Tower

    I've been following the development of this game for a while and recently the developer released a trailer for the demo and I thought that it might be a good idea to make a thread about it since it certainly needs more exposure. This game is heavily inspired by the Warioland series, the...
  15. BaoBun

    Spyro Remakes

    I honestly can't wait for these remakes, I'm borderline crying in anticipation for these!
  16. C


  17. SpunSugar

    Youtube Gaming in Fursuit!

    Hi guys, I started a YouTube gaming channel in fursuit a few weeks ago. I currently have 5 gameplays uploaded. Check them out! I also take suggestions on games to play. =) www.youtube.com: JawbreakerXD
  18. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Episode 1 Free to play.

    Hey guys! Episode 1 is now completely free to play! Follow the links below to download it! Feedback is welcome! Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it seiryu32.itch.io: Dragons Be by Seiryu32
  19. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Trailer

    Hey guys! New to the forums! Check out the trailer for my game Dragons Be! Follow the link below!
  20. JoeStrike

    What kind of furry are you?

    UPDATE: I just fixed the poll to allow for multiple entries, which some people below had suggested... Hi, it's your friendly neighborhood greymuzzle again... I'm writing Furry Nation, the first book tracing our fandom's birth and growth and connecting it to the human instinct that's been...