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  1. Thou Dog

    Tracking traffic on submitted works?

    Hello, folks, Did we formerly (~10 years ago) have a tool to look at the distribution of views and favs over time? I'm remembering this (and not seeing how to get the info) on FA, but I just want to be sure it actually was a feature and not just a dream I misremembered as fact. Thank you for...
  2. D

    Content Creators and Speech and Expression

    I've browsed twitter a bit, and noticed a trend that bothers me. I see many artists, especially popular ones, express views on topics that can be divisive and sensitive, and they are more than sometimes met with angry replies from people saying "I came for the art, not to hear your political...
  3. chuckfiala

    Which is more important, Views or Favorites of your Furaffinity posts?

    One sort of fetish that I draw gets more views than anything else I draw. But, my slightly more conservative drawings get more faves. Any ideas why this might be?