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  1. D

    Viking Thread

    My interest in Norse mythology has lead me to learn a lot about the Vikings, and I wanted to make a thread were we can all learn about them and share our interests. Share art, historical facts, stories, opinions, photos, and sources. I'm enthusiastic about the subject, so I'll be participating...
  2. ThyBlackReaper

    Request: Human Male Viking OC Request

    Hi guys so I am trying to save up for a car and I cant really spend money on art. I am looking for an artist that wants to help out and maybe they are bored or want to train their skills. I started playing the new fire emblem three houses and there was a character on there with rad hair and a...
  3. ToddWolf

    YCH Vikings battle

    Battlefield of vikings Details: I accept all type of character with natural coloring, exeption characters with wings sorry Sketch will be corrected according winner's character Winners will get big (8000 pixels for 1 side) art Winner can choose vikings outfit if want Notice that this is buttle...