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  1. Satsuki15

    REQUEST: will someone draw violence?

    ,I want my fursona to be punching a short rat character
  2. reptile logic

    Short story: Derelict

    Welcome back to another in my collection of short stories beginning with "Twenty Year Review". Today's story looks at this world from ground level. Meet Gina, a woman who society had tossed away and forgotten. As it turns out, this derelict is worth killing for. (Violence, gore, occasional...
  3. VX666

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Okay, so not sure how to approach this or where to post this so I'll start off here. Attn mods, please edit/move or do what you feel is appropriate. I searched online and surprisingly I found very little on "Furry Hate", I'm not sure if it's a thing but I found a few references to it. A bit of...
  4. NoctisNix

    Domestic Abuse in the Furry Community

    I should preface this with a few things: This post isn't a callout or expose nor am I trying to defame furries. If anything, I want this community to grow into something great. I want this fandom to be what I thought it was: a friendly, positive, and fun place where you can entirely be yourself...
  5. semater

    Requesting critique; Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War

    Name of work in Progress: Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Link: www.thefurryforum.com: The Legend of Furgasta: The Demon War Summary of Work: A young prince finds his world thrown into chaos when a demonic invasion led by his elder brother ravages the kingdom. Prince Robert must gather the...
  6. J

    The user above you just beat you up in a parking lot. Why?

    Game thread! The user or avatar above you just dragged you out in the bar parking lot for a fight and kicked your ass. What did you do to earn this?
  7. Dvalin

    Neon in the Streets: Skylines N (SFW)

    A basic roleplay that I'm hosing on RPnow.net, if you want the link to the chat room then send me a pm. You must have an OC at the ready, also when you're in the pm to get the link send me your OC bio so I can look him/her/zir/zim/them over before beginning. That's all for now
  8. Sunburst_Odell

    LF: Roleplays, SFW Only

    Oh, hey! I'm a young author who happens to like roleplaying, and as I don't get many offers on other sites, I'd like to ask the members of FAF: Anyone wanna roleplay with me? Of course, there are rules. As the title says, I am looking for SFW ONLY. I am under 18(though of course, I am over 13...
  9. korsk4life

    Female Slapstick Image, Looking To Get It Done Today (Maybe NSFW?)

    Hi everyone! I'm...not really new here, but my main account is under a different username that I couldn't use to sign up to the forums (hurray for old email addresses you can't get into anymore!) I won't waste anymore of your time, so here's what I'm looking for: I want to commission someone...
  10. Maximus B. Panda

    Do you enjoy watching others suffer?

    This is about watching people suffer, NOT CAUSING THEM TO SUFFER! However, if they think they are suffering just because they can't take a joke or sarcasm, then they deserve it. Sooooo on to the topic, do you like to see people suffering? For example, watching people break their bodies while...
  11. Ricky

    Bangladesh LGBT editor hacked to death

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-36128729 Personally, I think this is going to garner sympathy for the LGBT community over there, more than anything else. Stupid shit like this usually helps the cause they are trying to hurt. Haha, someone down here told me about this when everyone started...