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visual novel

  1. P

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for an artist for upcoming visual novel! (110$ a character)

    Hello! I'm looking for a passionate artist for the chapter 1 of an upcoming dating sim/visual novel. Since the characters will be used for a visual novel, the artwork has to be a bit dynamic. Each character needs: -A base nude design -Different facial expressions -One outfit -Two different...
  2. reinalol

    (Commission) Selling: Background artist looking for commissions or long term service.

    Hello, i am BG artist looking for commissions Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/reinalol Contact: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReinaTensei Discord: Reina#8296 Mail: nurlaskr@gmail.com My rates (Paypal): $30 for background. +10$ for variations like daytime/angle change. (Can work with...
  3. D

    (Commission) Selling: Interest Check! Playable Visual Novel Commissions

    Just putting out a feeler here for anyone who'd be interested in a visual novel commissions. I have 2 commissions left to finish, then I will possibly be opening these. It’s quite time consuming and difficult but I can completely draw and code an entire visual novel by myself so I wanted to...
  4. cloud!

    Tri City Monsters - Monster Romance Visual Novel Free Beta

    Hey! Not sure if I'm in the right spot (sorry if i'm not!!) but recently I made a visual novel about a guy that turns into a huge bakeneko/demon cat furry and thought yall might be interested in checking it out. Right now there's 1 Chapter and 1 Love Interest but I have plans for 6 different...
  5. vaguelymj

    Cryptid Crew: an upcoming vn about cryptids... and dating them.

    Hey everyone! Just popping in to promote my visual novel and dating sim, Cryptid Crew! The story: Play as a freshly-bitten werewolf who's embraced their monster life... but what kind of life is it without friends? Do some traveling, meet some cool monsters and cryptids, and if you want...
  6. Roth

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a CG artist for my text adventure game (NSFW, Micro)

    Hi there, Name's Roth and I'm the writer and programmer of Shrunk at the Con, an M/M Twine text adventure game about a guy who, well, gets shrunk while attending a convention... and I'm looking for an artist to help me create several pictures to accompany the events in the game, more so the...
  7. H

    Please check out/Support my free Visual Novel!

    Hey everyone! I'm HyenaDev. This is a thread for my in-progress Visual Novel, London's Aesop. What is this? London's Aesop is an LGBT/Furry visual novel set in Britain's glorious capital. You step into the shoes of Ethan Lockwood, a lonely young man with a heart full of secrets. A night out...
  8. C

    Hiring: [$100+] Writer for human/dragon romance visual novel

    Hi! I'm working on a small visual novel, which is a teen dating sim/romance between a human girl (protagonist) and different dragons. I'm looking for a writer that can write teen romance and has a love of dragons themselves. A knowledge of visual novels would be very helpful. As this is a...
  9. sylos30

    Morenatsu 2 - Fanmade Visual Novel

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well during this trying times. I started a fan made sequel to Morenatsu (Original) using the open source code available online. I would like some feedback! It's the first time I make a VN and have no experience! Link to VN: sylos30.itch.io: Morenatsu 2 - Fanmade...
  10. kiaazad

    (Other) Selling: Create your own games from your characters art and story ($500 and up)

    Have you ever wanted to see the characters you've creating in a game? Do you have a story to tell but just writing it down doesn't seem enough? I'm here to help you turn your idea, art and story into games. With my skill set, I can help you from the idea bouncing stage all the way to the finish...
  11. Awoos the Plush

    Cool and fun online Furry Transformation visual novels?

    Hey! I wonder if there are any fun and cool furry transformation visual novels out there on the internet that I don't have to download on my phone or anything, because I'm kind of stingy about my phone memory. If you have one you could recommend me, please post it in this thread. Thanks!
  12. C

    Hiring: [$1000+] Artist for visual novel (for character and CG art)

    Hi! I'm planning out a second visual novel and am trying to find an artist for the character and CG art. The basic premise is a SFW teen dating sim/romance between a human (protagonist) and different dragons. I'm looking for an artist skilled in drawing humans and dragons, and enjoys working...
  13. R

    Critique for a (NSFW) visual novel script

    So I'm working on a script for a furry visual novel and I'm looking for feedback on my first draft. The story is about a repressed college student who accidentally awakens a meso-american god of sexuality. It's very "I Dream of Genie," but with furries and sexual misadventure :3 My main...
  14. pupsicle-c

    Discussion/Poll - What's Your Favorite Story-Telling Medium?

    Like the title says, this is a discussion thread for what you feel is the best/your personal favorite kind of story-telling medium. Do you like comics best? Novels, maybe? What about visual/interactive novels, or video-games in general? If you have any other personal favorites, like podcasts...
  15. pupsicle-c

    Dating Sims VS Visual Novels - Which Do You Prefer?

    Heya! Like the title says, this is a discussion thread about Dating Sims versus Visual Novels. Here are a few topics I'm curious about and would love feedback on: ✧. Which do you prefer, and why? ✧. Would you rather play an R-rated Dating Sim with a lot of sexual content and...
  16. Regal_Tails

    Regal Tails had an update! :D

    Behold every furry! After an rigorous auction for a spot in our game, we finally have published the latest entry to Regal Tails! A big special thanks to all of our donors that made it into the scene: cyrix. lumixdragonfey jei-dinofelini chorpion mr-yiffy novaliss Keep tabs on...
  17. Aleat_Rodan

    Singer Wanted

    I am doing a quick project for now: I have taken the Furry VN(visual novel) Nekojishi theme with its bad translated lyrics and transformed them into something more understandable yet still fitting and mirroring the original. I am looking for someone who is able to sing well, that would be...
  18. volkenfox

    The Pirate's Fate: A Furry VN out on Steam

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a project I just completed for those of you looking to either play more PC games with anthro characters, The Pirate's Fate: A Transformation Visual Novel. Check us out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/553480/The_Pirates_Fate/ Come sail the Pirate's Fate...
  19. ArdenceVice

    Solo Records v0.1 demo

    "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." Hi guys! I’ve been working on a small (gay furry non-linear mystery novel style dating sim) VN. Solo Records tells the story of a young music student in the port town Avenida, who meets...
  20. Astar18


    Did someone see that new chineese novel? store.steampowered.com: 家有大貓 Nekojishi on Steam It's free!