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  1. S

    ISO NSFW Artist for Reference Sheet

    So i'm brand new at this, but my girlfriend has been collecting and having art made for quite some time now. I say this, because i'm not sure how I should be approaching the forums. This is all new to me. :P Anyways my girlfriend has recently said that she would like to have an updated nude...
  2. Fluffyfox.............

    (18+) Ssbbw vixen WG RP advertisement! OwO

    I'm advertising an RP, with me as Fluffyfox.
  3. CardielYFiccion

    [Animated short-film project] Cyberspace Protection Force

    "Cyberspace Protection Force" will be a five minute animated short film that will narrate the adventures of Nat, Kate, Boris and Lloyd, whose mission is to keep the cyberspace safe from any threats. Inspired by the good, old saturday morning cartoons, with traditional, frame by frame animation...
  4. RainFlame

    Vixen Kitsune Adopt- Auction- OPEN!

    I have a kitsune character design up for auction that just went up :) Bid here: www.furaffinity.net: Vixen Kitsune Adopt- Auction- OPEN! by RainFlame
  5. Lupus Pistris

    Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins available now!!!

    I'm excited to announce a new series of books, a space saga, Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins is available now at Amazon for Kindle download or borrows. Synopsis: Tyler Marcum, a decorated soldier with the U.S. Army is selected to participate in a top secret program where an international...
  6. impendingsenseofdoom

    Adoptables for Sale!

    Here are a couple of adoptables I'm selling Each adoptable will cost $15 for the basic character (this includes a gif and jpg file) For $20, you'll get the adoptable as well as a sketchdump. If you choose the $20 option, I'll send you a note and you'll be able to choose whether you want a...