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voice acting

  1. Astrionix

    Looking for VAs for animation series (CLOSED AS OF NOW)

    Hello! I'm looking for any voice actors out there willing to voice major or minor/background characters in an animation series I plan on doing. Info is below. Just so that you are aware, I won't be able to give any payment for the next few months, so if you want to do it for free that'll be OK...
  2. JollyCooperation

    Hobby VA offering FREE voice work!

    After wanting to but lacking the courage to go through with it, I have finally decided to follow my dreams and get into voice acting! So, in order to hone my skills and find out where my strengths and weaknesses are, I need stuff to do. Fandubs, audiobooks, announcements, I'll take pretty much...
  3. D

    Interest Gauge: Audio Story Project

    Hello All! So I personally love story-telling. I love writing, voice acting, audio editing and the like. I've taught myself a bit about these different fields and while I am far from perfect or professional, I still really like doing it. I've always wanted to join a sort of project where I...
  4. C

    Paid Casting Call! NSFW Picture Drama

    Pay: $34 to $250+ Per ep (Varies from characters. More details in doc) Deadline: March 20th, 11:59 PM EST Age restriction: 21 and over only. The Project: Gummy and The Doctor is a cute, light-hearted, erotic picture drama that explores gender, bodies, and embracing failures. When Dr. Edwin...
  5. AuraPennyHorse

    ISO Male voice actor

    I want to try making an animatic of my story i am writing on wattpad. The intro to the story just needs to be read^^ Message me if u can! It needs to be recorded and emailed to me!
  6. Z

    Looking to voice act

    Hey, im new to this, never voice acted before, but figured it cant hurt to get myself out there! I have been told I have a very nice deep and affirming voice, but I can do my best to change pitch as me and my friend play around with that. Not looking to be paid as of now just try stuff out, open...
  7. 2

    Looking for voice acting jobs

    Hello! i am trying to find some voice acting jobs or to do voice overs, something simple not too hard. Im 17 if that information is needed, and my discord is 20Daniel#6662 so u can contact me there for more questions / awancers, since im new to this site.
  8. Darkwitt

    Main Site "Section 5.1 Disruptive or Sexual Audio" Sound Designers

    Greetings. I have a concern regarding the new policy involving section 5.1: Disruptive or Sexual Audio. "Content containing sexual or obscene sounds is prohibited unless part of a relevant animation or loop. Audio that is intentionally disruptive (e.g. loud, screeching) is not permitted. " I...
  9. B

    Voice Impressions

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone on here can do voice impressions? I can do more than 30 cartoon and celebrity impressions. I can do male and female voices since my voice is mature and deep (but still feminine thank goodness!) I do voices like Spongebob voices, Family Guy voices, Bobby Hill, Super...
  10. Iantos

    Casual Voice Acting Work - Fan game

    Hello everyone! I am Iantos, and I am looking for some casual voice work for a not-for-profit fan game I'm making, currently under the title 'Captive'. The Game The title is set in the Star Fox universe, where players take on the role of Fox. Fox and Wolf find themselves out in the middle of...
  11. Y

    Female Voice Actor Wanted

    Good Afternoon. I am looking for a female voice work for the Sonic character Lien-Da and 2 puppet animals for an animation project I am working on. I am willing to pay $100 over Paypal. If you are willing to play the small part please let me know so that I may contact you over a private thread.
  12. kaitou

    I'm working on a SFX track for an animation, Critique me?

    Hi! First time really hanging out on the forums, and hopefully not my last! so this animation was posted a few days ago: www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Forever by maicakswilbrn And I've been wanting to get into VA and SFX work for animations! I worked out my first SFX track while i try and...
  13. Lexiand

    Fursona Voices.

    There's this thing that always popped in my head when it comes to designing a character. What does his/her voice sounds like? Is it Deep, goofy, annoying, or cartoon-like and even edgy sounding. Not to sure what mines will sound like.
  14. Aeva Risis

    Voice and Art Recruitment Call (Furry Visual Novel Project)

    Most of the general details for the story will be found on the link bellow along with the audition page for any potential voice actors/actresses. As far as any other questions about the project I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have without giving away any spoilers...
  15. HumblyDazin

    About sound-effects, voice acting etc..

    Hello there! About a week ago I made a journal on my furaffinity-account regarding voice-acting and sound-effects, and since I haven't really gotten any response I thought I'd take to these forums! I know that the two types of uploads when it comes to sound is either music or podcast but I was...
  16. FoxxJ

    2 Voice Actresses needed for Short Adult animated Short

    Hi. I'm currently working on my second adult animated short that envolves 2 couples. I've received quite a few auditions for the male rolls, and while I'm still accepting auditions for all 4 roles in the short, I have not received as many female roles. You can view my first animated short in my...
  17. SullenPlummet

    Voice Acting requests

    Opening some requests for voice acting! My prior stuff is here, if you want to see all of it (or almost all of it). I'm open to most things, but a few ground rules: - No NSFW. If you want NSFW voice acting, you'll need to commission it. Sorry, no free hotsexies. :V - Keep it short. Something...
  18. Laphin

    Furries Into Voice Acting | Voice Over

    Hey you guys! I know it's not talked about a lot on here, but... Furries that might happen to be into Voice Overs, or Voice Acting. If you guys ever want some tips or feedback on a lot of that stuff, pop on over to my channel and take a peek. I know there are non-furs and plenty of coaches out...