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voice actors required

  1. C

    Paid Casting Call! NSFW Picture Drama

    Pay: $34 to $250+ Per ep (Varies from characters. More details in doc) Deadline: March 20th, 11:59 PM EST Age restriction: 21 and over only. The Project: Gummy and The Doctor is a cute, light-hearted, erotic picture drama that explores gender, bodies, and embracing failures. When Dr. Edwin...
  2. Y

    Female Voice Actor Wanted

    Good Afternoon. I am looking for a female voice work for the Sonic character Lien-Da and 2 puppet animals for an animation project I am working on. I am willing to pay $100 over Paypal. If you are willing to play the small part please let me know so that I may contact you over a private thread.
  3. Aeva Risis

    Voice and Art Recruitment Call (Furry Visual Novel Project)

    Most of the general details for the story will be found on the link bellow along with the audition page for any potential voice actors/actresses. As far as any other questions about the project I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have without giving away any spoilers...