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  1. P

    Hiring: I would like to hire an artist to draw me a feral/non-anthro mountain lion (puma/catamount/cougar etc) mawshot

    Hello everyone! I would like to hire an artist to draw me a mountain lion (puma) mawshot. Yeah, I am into vore :D Headshot and mawshot is enough for me, the most important part for me is the mouth of the mountain lion. Most important: - mawshot is enough - I don't need a full body drawing -...
  2. fenchfletcher

    Request: Wanna draw my characters?

    I have several characters, and some of them have no art yet. I'm looking for both sfw and nsfw. I really like vore, but I'm not too picky. If you want to make nsfw art, please ask me about nsfw specifics, since I don't have those details listed in my character descriptions. I have all sorts of...
  3. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Hiring: ($5+) Lineart comic collab

    Hello I have only few money atm, I am looking for a lineart comic draw (3-4 panels max for one page). I will add colors on the draw. I would like something nsfw. It's an anal vore draw or even a butt theme draw for one of my ocs. Here are ocs propositions for the vore (pick 2 chars) : Winston...
  4. MysticMerle

    Free Art: NSFW requests open!

    Hey guys, I'm a digital artist previously known as NuskaLion, from here on I will be known as MysticMerle or just Merle. I will have a new FA account and will be moving as soon as registration opens again (really picked the wrong time for a fursona change, huh...) To kick things off, as I always...
  5. zulzul

    (Commission) Selling: ($10 USD) Portrait any species (semi realistic / anime / cartoon)

    Hi, I have a few years as an illustrator and I would like to be able to increase my portfolio for having experience as an illustrator, I have a very solid art style and also easy to replicate other art styles here are my portfolios for you to review...
  6. Mysticstar Moonrise

    Mal0 NSFW RP? (Vore)

    So i'd love to do an rp featuring the SCP Mal0. I'd personally love if vore was a focus. The idea is simple: First Is Mal0 she can be fem or herm up to you Next is my oc Mystic. Basically Mystic will install the Mal0 app and the first pic will be a normal one of her being creepy but over time...
  7. MysticMerle

    Art Trade: NSFW art trades open

    Trades are open! Due to people in the past taking their piece and blocking me, I've lost trust in most people when doing art trades. If you don't know me, I'm going to ask that you show me at least some work before I begin. I value the spirit of fairness and I don't like being taken advantage...
  8. A

    Prey Looking for BIG world building vore themed RP (18+)

    Hi there. First time posting something like this in years. I used to RP practically every day but awhile ago things changed. I'm trying to get back into it, and I have a very big idea for a world building science-fantasy (you read that right!) RP with multiple characters. I love big meaty...
  9. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) 5 slots open (vore piece)

    Heya there I am now able to take 5 commissions for september. I will be focusing on nsfw content, especially butt. If you want a commission for your ocs or with one of my ocs, I accept. I am not planning to rise prices because I don't use tablet. Here are deals : 16 $ for Vore piece. => 14 if...
  10. SchlafenNigredo

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ($70+ )Love pills VORE YCH

    LINK FOR BIDS Any gender, any special. I can dress your characters in any clothes that you like! Additional details like tails, wings, etc. are free! SB - 70$+flat render MB - 1$ AB - 270$ +soft render The auction will end 48 hours after the last bid. Payment via Boosty or buymeacoffee! For...
  11. MysticMerle

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pineapple Vore YCH

    The SB is only $25, and nobody has bid yet. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48108926/
  12. A

    I want to introduce a vore wiki that I found

    Sorry about the self promotion, but I just want to introduce you people to the Swallowed Whole Wiki. It’s a Wiki where anyone can describe vore scenes all across different kinds of media. Unfortunately the Wiki is a bit corrupt with some unfinished pages, but if anyone is willing to help out...
  13. MysticMerle

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cheap commissions open

    Hey! I'm a young artist trying to save up for a place of my own, and I'm able to draw almost all kinks and species. Some things I specialize in are transformation, hypnosis, inflation, vore, tentacles, and more. You can see examples of my work at furaffinity.net/user/nuskalion My current...
  14. T

    Main Site Help finding an ad account?

    Hello. I'm sorry if this is the improper place to post about this. Recently I've found an ad for an artist I've found interesting, but the link to the account seems to be dead so I can't get to it. Does anyone recognize the ad and can point me in the right direction? Thank you. The ad in...
  15. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for fast commission

    Searching someone for a commission, I will only take one commission for this month. I need someone fast or who have free slots. propositions : - butt fetsih draw. I would like a draw with 2 of ocs, or 3 if you want. DM me for details. You can choose the ocs ...
  16. MysticMerle

    (Other) Selling: Vore Drive (NSFW)

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46393461 I would appreciate if you checked it out!
  17. kanyefox

    (Commission) Selling: ♥ KanyeFox YCH [OPEN NSFW] [100$+-250$+]

    MY FA GALLERY (All Examples here!) YCH: Fast (3-7 days). The cost is not discussed. Prices are listed under each than. Commissions are possible if you can provide me with a clear technical task. pricelist I draw: Chubby women Milf Lactation anal huge breasts Pregnant fetishes: bloating...
  18. Checrypt_01

    Hello World!

    G'day everyone, my name is Nexus. It's very nice to meet y'all! I am a 16 year old, Autistic Shadow Dragon who loves soft vore and the furry community, and I'm so exited to see where my journey on this website will lead me My main hobbies are: Music Production, Ecology, Role-Play, Forensic...
  19. Checrypt_01

    Would anybody be willing to draw something for me?. I have a request to make

    For a long while I've been wanting to request a lot of stuff. But I'm very bad at being open about art and asking people for some, because I have terrible anxiety and hate acting like a selfish person who's just jealous of other people because of how much art they get (Which is something I try...
  20. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    poll next nsfw draw

    Hello, I did few draw for the tiger year. Now I am planning a next draw about butt vore. Tell me what do you would like to see, respectively the ocs/ideas : zu : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37286860/ surendra : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43769003/ bjorgara ...