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  1. F

    Khajiit love story: vote on the race of the male character (CLOSED)

    I'm planning on writing a khajiit love story soon on a Google doc. I know the female will be a khajiit. What race should the male be? I'll go through comments and choose in a few days. The vote is between Nord or Khajiit. (I would add argonian, but argonians lay eggs, while khajiits give birth...
  2. KD142000

    Show me pics of couples' art!

    Hey, all! So, after checking if a thread like this already existed...it's been at least 7 months since it was last updated. So, as not to necro anything, here's a new one! Post your couples art here (it can be you and your significant other or another couple you really like). After enough...
  3. Bruhman33

    Looking for Gore/Vore/CBT RP

    Hi! I am looking for Gore, hard vore or genital torture roleplays! (Or all that thrown together) I am specially looking for fellow Pokemon but other species are welcome too! The RP Would be in discord. The ideas include but are not limited to Gore Pokemon battles, torture scenes or vore scenes...
  4. KeesNailo

    Vote and Win!

    The FA Journal ~BlueButterflyStudio Jul 13th, 2018 03:52 PM I'd like some feedback on what the first subject simple reference base would be. - The base will be female. - There will be anthro base and feral base versions in the same image. - Clean lined with no shading, filled with white on...
  5. it'sstrawberryfluff

    should I stream?

    hey guys im trying to gather how much interest there would actually be for me to stream some of my art. also where and what I should draw. I've offered a few options down below so please let me know what you think.
  6. AceofHearts

    Support My Local Animal Shelter?

    Can you please vote for my local animal shelter to win funding from PetCo's charity foundation? Arenac county is votes behind... Unsung Heroes - Petco Foundation My friend David and his wife Catherine are really hard working, good people. David is a dog trainer and teaches dogs French ring and...
  7. Winterbolts

    Open Squish Design - Painted Dog

    Hello there everyone! I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this, but since this is concept work I figured it would be okay to post here. I recently created a Squishable design and submitted it to the Squishable team over at Squishable.com, and back in May it was accepted to be voted on...
  8. Austin Silver


    Wow, I have no life.
  9. Pawlle131313

    Transformation comic suggestions OPEN!

    Info here: www.furaffinity.net: PAGE 4 Furry Pawrcade: Transformations~ by Pawlle131313 www.furaffinity.net: PAGE 4 Furry Pawrcade: Transformations~ by Pawlle131313 www.furaffinity.net: PAGE 4 Furry Pawrcade: Transformations~ by Pawlle131313
  10. Azrion/Zhalo

    How do you use your claws?

    The poll is just there to be a thing. Some of the choices might not make since, but don't worry bout that. Anyways, what do you people like to do with your claws?