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waist up

  1. bleedingreignbow

    (Commission) Selling: BleedingReignbow's Commissions (SFW & NSFW) ($10-$35+)

    T.O.S. YOU MUST PAY UP FRONT!!! I accept PayPal ONLY! I will send you a rough sketch for you to confirm before I go to completion. If you want any changes, this would be the time to say so! It will take 1 day to 1 month for me to finish your commission, depending on the complexity...
  2. hangdok

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi, full body, full details background / SFW [15$-90$]

    Hello, my name is Hangdok. I'm accept a commission right now. No slot limit. I'm available for all time : ) If you're interest, you can contact me via PM on FA, twitter or my e-mail. (My contacts are below) My price list Chibi/SD 15USD per character (transparent background) Waist up 35USD +...
  3. Auxil

    (Commission) Selling: Shiny Coloured Waist Ups (£15-20)

    Details: -1000x1000px minimum -Transparent bg (as shown) or flat colour -Your choice of handwriting / font (as long as I can download it free) or no text -Your choice of small decoration (like the lightning symbols) -WIP shown at the sketch stage -+£5 for complexity -TOS here P.S. here is proof...
  4. KeesNailo

    Digital Comms Open $10-$40

    I will respond within 24 hours. Have all of your details, descriptions, references and PayPal email readily available. Payment in full and up front through PayPal. USD only. I will send you an invoice. No refunds (half or in full) unless I am definitely unable to finish. Minimal clothing...
  5. CrystalKat180

    Art Trade: Taking a Couple of Quick Trades!

    I just wanted to take a couple of quick colored waist up sketches, traditional, to be done tonight. Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Eyyyy by CrystalKat180 www.furaffinity.net: Sherbert Commission 2 by CrystalKat180 NOT first come first serve; I'll be picking those who inspire me!
  6. Wilarose

    Cheap Commissions with Backgrounds!

    Hi! My name is Wilarose and my traditional commissions are open! **ALL OF THESE PRICES INCLUDE A BACKGROUND** 24 hour delivery period Traditional Chibis: $5 ------------------------- Traditional Headshot: $6 ------------------------- Traditional Waist up: $8...
  7. Amniion

    Blue's Color Commissions (Starts at $10) (Anthros/Humanoids/NSFW)

    Heya, I'm looking to sell my art for moneys. WILL DO: NSFW. I don't draw it a lot, so I'm rusty at it. Keep it softcore, please. Violence / gore, etc. Most anthros. WON'T DO: Fetish art. Extreme violence/gore. Anything I'm generally uncomfortable with. EXAMPLES OF MY WORK: BUST...
  8. Safiir Riskovat

    Traditional Fullbody, Waist-up, Chibi, and Chibi character study

    Hello Everyone~! What I will draw : Couples - M/M F/F M/F Tasteful nudes & Pin-ups Furry & Human/humanoids Original Characters Fanart Gore/Macabre What I will not draw : NSFW or revealing private areas Hate art If you want the piece delivered to you, Shipping Fee is $2; Please let me...
  9. mildboy

    Mildboy's Spicy Artshop 50% off weekend sale!

    Updated commissions sheet!
  10. SageSlate

    Commissions - Sketch Halfbodies (OPEN, $25)

    Hello there, everyone! I'm opening commissions for Sketched Halfbodies for $25 USD ($30 USD for extremely complicated characters.) Payment is via Paypal, and should be sent after the commission is completed. If you're interested, send me a PM! (I accept all animal-type anthros, nudity...
  11. Darklunac

    Christmas YCH 20$ waist up!

    I have this cute and funny christmas YCH for you :3 I Still have 2 or 3 spots left for grab! I won't take more since I want them done by Christmas! You can but your spot here by choosing the ''christmas YCH'' option of course! ;3 www.etsy.com: Dessin personnalisé commission Examples of finished...
  12. Schneewittchen

    Sketch and full colour commission [open]

    Hello! I'm Schnee and I'm open for commissions! If there are any questions, just shot me a message. I draw: - Human and anthro - Sexy clothing and poses I don't draw: - full nudity Extra character: Sketch Full colored Waist up: +10$ + 20$ Fullbody...
  13. kittycat fiend

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions - Chibis and Halfbodies ($15-45)

    Hello, everybody! I'm currently open for commissions again! This time I'm offering some more options. Either flat colored or full colored chibi or halfbodies/waist-ups! All species and genders welcome! If you're interested please take a look my Terms of Service! It'll outline all the necessary...
  14. spaceybrains

    Commissions by Kirbins

    Contact info: kirbins.tumblr.com or kirbins9@gmail.com Chibi $10 ($1 for every additional character) Bust $15 ($3 for every additional character) Waist up $20 ($5 for every additional character) Full Body $25 ( $5 for every additional character) note: I am willing to do nsfw as long as it...
  15. Mobius Katchmar

    Looking for someone who can draw formal(ish) portraits ($30 budget) [CLOSED]

    Hello all. I'm looking for an artist who can design me a portrait of my character in a position of authority. What I'm looking for is a portrait of my character: With a background, pose, and outfit like this, but with a smile that doesn't show teeth. Also, I would like the flags in the...
  16. dreamph

    $5-$15 Commissions Open (SFW/NSFW)

    ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮ Original Commission Post / FA commission page Hey guys!! I updated my commission sheet! I'm primarily a NSFW artist but I can do completely SFW art just as easily! Here are my SFW examples: Icon examples: You can view my NSFW examples...
  17. junkyardflower

    junkyard art shoppe ! [8-100 USD]

    so heckin' cheap !!! ---------------------------------------- i use payment through paypal invoices so know i'll need your email to send an invoice! thank you! ---------------------------------------- terms of service + more ---------------------------------------- Full body Flats // $25...
  18. drawbrah

    Commissions OPEN (5-15 USD)

    Hey! I'm taking commissions; there are 10 slots. Prices go from $5 to $15 as seen beneath (some of the examples are quite old tho): Here are some recent examples of commissions I did: If you're interested in furry examples, write me on PM I guess; same for NSFW stuff :) If you want...
  19. Gunny

    Gunny's Commission Shop!!

    ((Edited on June 3, 2017)) So I'm broke as all hell after taking a trip to visit my partner! So I'm opening this shop back up with a new commission's page since my art has changed quite a bit! WILL DO: - Canon Characters - Canon x Canon - OC x Canon - NSFW - Gore WON'T DO: - Extreme...
  20. supermint

    NEW $8 Binary Avatars, Halfbody + Fullbody Comms

    Binary Avatar Commissions $8 100x100 pixels Lined with binary pen, cel shaded White outline Solid color background — Disclaimers >> Price may vary if character design is complicated. Order form here!