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  1. mildboy

    Mildboy's Spicy Artshop 50% off weekend sale!

    Updated commissions sheet!
  2. The Owl King

    Anthro, Head, Above Waist, Full ~$5-$35

    Paypal Only! I don't only do pregnancy, but it is my specialty. Mpreg included. My Terms of Service: here +$5 for kicking animations Examples: Beginning with 5 slots!: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Bailey Levitt

    [OPEN] Jellicious' Commissions! $5-15!

    Before you request a commission from me, please check my Terms of Service! Hiya there! Thank you for taking notice to this thread.~ ❤︎ My name is Bailey or Jellicious on FurAffinity, and because currently I'm in my Summer break, I was hoping to further progress my art and hopefully reach my...