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  1. lulae

    [W] NSFW Fullbody for Male Anthro Goat ($50-100)

    Hello! My friend suggested I try FA for my commission request. I am looking for art of a character from the video game the arcana (reference posted below). Details over PM as nsfw, but in general it will be a fullbody picture of the character. My budget is 50 to 100 USD payable through paypal...
  2. ColdSoul

    Wanted! Inexpensive, sexy commission

    Hi Peeps! I myself is a illustrator, but I also like to commission people too. I am looking to treat myself to a commission, unfortantly I do not have a lot of money as I have just graduated! Looking for a skilled artist to do a line art/sketch of a character of mine and Kai from...
  3. Emerald_raven

    Superhero ideas

    Hi there :) recently i did totally random for me OC of furry superhero ( well i did watched 3 superhero movies this year , and you know what they are :) ) and somehow think i must maybe or add something to him , or make another one , just to calm down my damn itch :D Any ideas ? (thats...