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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''Buy 992 items for $10 Regularly ~$6,553 Save 99%!'' That's right, you can get almost 1000 games and programs, at as little as a penny each! And the money goes to help the victims of The War in Ukraine! It's a win - win! Only until next week though! Currently, they're just...
  2. SugarSkullGlider

    Created a new Universe, Rapture Free Read

    Link Here www.furaffinity.net: Ch1~ Rapture: Age of the Cryptids by SugarSkullGlider so I am not breaking rules about long posts. It is a post-apocalyptic setting that focuses on cryptids in the future. Mainly at the moment I am focusing on Werewolf Tribes but I plan to update this frequently...
  3. S


    New writer, spent about a week on this, any input is appreciated! It's a romantic drama centered around a fox and his comrades in the midst of war. pdf attached
  4. S

    My gameplay of RYSE son of rome

    This game isnt open world but the arena is fun though I hope the next ryse sequel becomes open world. Oh yeah this is my YouTube channel and video.
  5. Mirage

    Started a BL Comic

    Division Zero hey guys, I'm starting a mini serie of comic strips telling the story of Elih, a pacifist boy who was oblied to enroll the magic army. Where he met a man called Vax, known by everyone as "The Deadly admiral". Vax is a psychopath who entered the army when a young man, to be able to...
  6. C

    Wanting players for Sci fi Human against anthro space war rp.

    Humanity has almost become masters of their star, Each planet colonized and countless moons terraformed for the leisure of poor and elite. They even made a great defense system of the Kuyper asteroid belt in the event aliens invaded. The year 2776 was when everything would change as a satellite...
  7. J

    Furry Erotica: The Dark Rose

    Hello Everyone! I'm @jitterFerret on discord and I'm proud to present a new erotica that I'm writing based on an ongoing erp that I'm having with @Warmaster Benjamin. I'd love to hear some feedback, and I'll be publishing new chapters regularly. Have fun reading.
  8. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    webcomic -Knights Chronicles

    posting up my comic serise Knights chronicles a sci fi ,fantasy epic about a group of warriors created by an evil tyrant to destroy ,now fight to protect the Earth
  9. Ravofox

    The user above you just started a war, how?

    Some wars are caused by really stupid things. What were these furs' catastrophic blunders?
  10. Roman Powers

    Through Darkness, A Metro 2033 Fanfiction.

    Through Darkness - What Remains - Wattpad The year is 2017, four years have passed since the Great Nuclear War of 2013, and turmoil is stirring in the bowels of the Moscow Metro. New factions will form and claim as much territory and supplies as they can, whether by means of negotiation and...
  11. N

    Human and Anthro co-existence RP

    The concept of humans and anthros co-existing in the same canon has always been very fascinating towards me. I was thinking of an RP where humans and anthros would be in a war, and it take place in an early-Victorian era. The battles would take place on the streets as both races live in close...
  12. B

    War: What is it good for?

    I want to discuss something serious, on the subject of war and what could be seen as a just war. I am fiercely anti-war and I believe it doesn't solve problems, it only creates more. It also saddens and depresses me to see innocent lives lost in the name of war. We can talk, use words rather...
  13. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Knights chronicles

    nagylouis.wixsite.com: FullMoonStories check that like to see my comic, i know it only have the 1 but more will come soon here is some art i did to so in a bit more detail the main forces of eahc side so far
  14. RileyTheOtter

    My First RP Thread

    This is my first created/ran RP thread, so bear with me as I learn to get better at this. List of things available/setting of the story. -The setting is mostly fantasy with medieval ages type weaponry. -There is limited technology like early steam-powered stuff for buildings, but mostly...
  15. M

    What are your fav war movies

    i had just watched saving private ryan and i want some movie recommendations for another war movie. what are your favs?
  16. waterdoge

    Arma 3 Community Group

    Hello ladies and gentle foxes. My name is Luna, and I am an avid arma 3 player. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in join and helping to start a furry arma group. I'm currently working on getting a mod pack and server together so any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.