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  1. Kitcatmilk


    I have this YCH auction open for grabs, I’ve been trying to get rid of it for awhile now! I have it up in other places too though <3 I’m gonna see how it does here (: so any bids would be awesome! I’m trying to save to get out of my moms house so my daughter has more space since she’s starting...
  2. Kitcatmilk

    Commissions (Selling) OPEN! Digitally Painted CATS&DOGS *realistic*

    Commissions Currently Open! NOTE — I have screenshotted my art from my Instagram and cropped because I’m just lazy and don’t feel like searching for my files in google photos lmaoooo, had to add because you can tell stuff is cropped out on some of them. This is the real Kitcatmilk! (-: I'm...
  3. Rockclawmon

    Merow, hello!

    Hello! The names Rockclaw. I'm a fuzzy little grey cat who is apart of Thunderclan (the Warriors book series is one of the things made me a furry.) Not new to being a furry, but new to these fourms. I hope I can make some new friends!!!! Other fursona I have: Bluefire=blue latex pooltoy dragon...
  4. Akila

    Feral Roleplay? (SFW or NSFW)

    I've been having a hankering for getting back into the roleplay world recently but most of the places I used to frequent and partners I had are lost to time and the void. That's what's bringing me to the FA forums! Platforms: Preferably Telegram, Discord or Twitter DMs are also acceptable. My...
  5. ketchupwithme

    $20 Stained Glass Bust Commissions Open

    I'm Magic-Pistachio. I am a college student majoring in Psychology and an artist in my free time! I have slots open for Stained Glass commissions just like this one! $25. I can draw anything (sfw). Please contact me at: magicpistachioart@gmail.com , and put Stained Glass in the subject. See...
  6. Flairey

    Warrior Cats Based Discord Server

    Looking for members to join! High ranking positions still available. Welcome to Alpine Asylum, we are a warrior cats based RP group. We are not entirely similar to warriors, our ranking system is different. We accept everyone! Currently we do not have any NSFW channels, but some can be made...
  7. A

    Is Warriors worth the read?

    From the beginning of when I joined the fandom, I constantly kept hearing about the Warriors books and see the following it has behind it so it's all kinda raised my interests enough to make me want to go in blind and see what it's about. But to anyone around here that has read the book, is it...
  8. K

    Looking For Commissions!

    Obviously 5 dollar minimum, because if you were charging under 5 dollars, your art is probably not quite what I'm looking for or you're just WAY too generous and don't need to undersell yourself so short. I'm interested in messaging about specific details. Currently, I am interested in Warrior...
  9. KittySightless

    Warrior Cats roleplay

    Woo I've been hit by the nostalgia bug and I miss the days of warrior cats roleplay. So basicly we'd be making our own clan with a new territory and such. Most likely it'd be either based in Skype or Chatzy Possibly even making a little FA account to showcase art and such, just for fun. Big...