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washington furries

  1. Chomby

    Any furries not far from Olympia, WA?

    I live 23 mins from Olympia. I'm just saying Olympia because I don't want everyone to know the specific small town I live in. Lol Questions: Are you okay with coming to me? Like to my house? (I'm not agoraphobic I just can't drive yet.) Are you introverted? Are you okay with just hanging out...
  2. Maranda Cromwell

    Furvana? (newbie artist alley questions)

    Hey all! New to the fandom, planning on going to my first con (Furvana in Ocean Shores, WA) at the end of this month. I'm an artist and am hoping to partake in the artist alley. I'm no stranger to vending-- I have many street fairs, art walks, and similar events under my belt-- but never...
  3. Teominious

    Any Southern Wahington Furs?

    Before I type anything else, I deeply apologise if this is the incorrect channel for this to be whapped into. I've not thought of a more appropriate location, nor did I see anything. What's more, I'm not sure if a thread in this vein had been posted before, because the searches I conducted only...
  4. R

    Furries of Washington?

    Hello, I'm new to the fandom and I'm happy to be here but disappointed to see that I couldn't find ANY furry events in Spokane or even Washington. I've tried FA, Facebook, and tried googling it too, with no luck. I'd try twitter but I seem to have a problem setting up an account. I also noticed...