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watch list

  1. Notkastar

    Main Site How do you unwatch every person you've watched at once?

    1500-ish peeps in and a tidal wave of art every day- It overwhelming =‿=; Can I Unwatch every single person on my list at once and return to peace?
  2. Jojer

    Removing Permanently Deleted Accounts off of My Watch-List?

    I’m preening my watch list and realizing there are quite a few perma-deleted accounts that I cannot unwatch or remove from my list. Is there a hidden feature or technique to remove them? Thanks.
  3. E

    Better watching/watched by list

    I think it'd be nice to have a better list with an easier way to edit said list. For example, I have a rather large amount of people that I watch. I tend to occasionally go through and un-watch banned, removed, or dead accounts. It'd be nice if the list had ways of telling you either when a...