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  1. Y

    Does anybody else find it annoying following artists on Twitter?

    With sites like Furaffinity you can check your watch list any time, which makes it easy to find any great art that you might of missed if you're gone for say a week or two. With Twitter, you have to constantly check your feed everyday to view new art or you might miss it, as the Twitter feed is...
  2. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

    Okay, good morning/afternoon/night dearest users! Since I began in Furaffinity, I wanted to watch a lot of people (like, a lot) and see al the amazing things they could do! Well, that was almost two years ago. Right now I don't really like to watch a lot of people, and I really tried to unwatch...
  3. bookfangeek

    Looking for Artists to Watch!

    Hi!! I'm new to FA and I would love to watch some more people! Feel free to post links to your account with art examples! I'll definitely give your page a look!! :D I don't have much art on here yet, but this is mine, if you're interested!
  4. E

    Better watching/watched by list

    I think it'd be nice to have a better list with an easier way to edit said list. For example, I have a rather large amount of people that I watch. I tend to occasionally go through and un-watch banned, removed, or dead accounts. It'd be nice if the list had ways of telling you either when a...
  5. K

    Separate watch and friend options

    I know it's considered rude to compare one site to another, but I like how Inkbunny lets you decide whether to follow an artist personally or follow their work- or both! Suppose I find someone who I feel I could be friends with, but for whatever reason, don't care for their artwork? Here on FA...
  6. F

    Newbie On Board.

    Hi, guys, I'm new to the forum side of FA, and I'm just looking to get acquainted with a few people. I really like to discuss art things; techniques, your style, equipment, how long you've been at, etc. Just anything for good conversation.
  7. B

    Controversial Game Opinions Time!

    :mad: TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! - HERE BE OPINIONS!!! :mad: Time to talk about games, controversial opinions and all the flame that comes with it! here we go! I do not like Ratchet & Clank 2. I've played through most of it (up to the final boss) recently and I gotta say, it's by far the weakest...
  8. Lapu

    Forced Unwatching

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was anyway to force a user or group of users to unfollow your own account. I'd prefer it all together if I didn't have anyone following me on my FA account, but even I block, then unblock the account, the user is still watching me. Blocking and unblocking...