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  1. linnea.aura

    What are the FurAffinity algorithms for artwork promotion?

    Hello, everybody! I'm a new one here, but I was a furry person for a couple of years, I drew something, but was really afraid of publish it. Time to change that! I checked out a lot of galleries of different talented artists to understand how their artworks gets their favs, but... I can't find...
  2. Michel96M

    Should I create a second account for digital colored sketches?

    Hi ^^ I have this FA account with semirealistic anthro art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/diaztony/ Should I create a second account for digital colored sketches?? Or I can use the same one?
  3. N

    Main Site Blocked users are still on my watchers list

    I don't know if this is a bug or what, but I've noticed that even when I block a user, they are still listed on my watchers. It's very annoying. Does this mean they are still getting my submissions in their inbox? I blocked a user on my FA account THAX-39 a week or so ago and they are still...
  4. H

    (Commission) Selling: I will draw ANYTHING you want (SFW/NSFW)($5-$100)

    OK so I will basically draw anything you want, sfw or nsfw. My art is digital and cell shaded, and I accept payment through PayPal. I will finish a piece fairly quickly in under a week, unless its a very big commission. Here's some of my art, Portfolio - Google Drive (keep in mind that I can...
  5. Deathless

    Free Art: 30 Watchers Raffle!!

    I will be doing a raffle on the main site once I hit 30 watchers! www.furaffinity.net: ⫸30 WATCHERS RAFFLE!!⫷ by LuciferTheDemon All of the information that is needed will be on this post! If you do not have an account on the main site, you can comment with a number and reference here! Same...
  6. Whiskerly

    New to FA, willing to do a couple requests/trades to gain watchers (SLOTS: 3/2)

    I have been drawing for most of my life (18), and only recently joined FurAffinity. I am willing to do a couple pieces for exposure, maybe 1 or 2 a month. If you are interested, post a comment! I'm willing (and legally allowed) to draw NSFW content, with a few exceptions for certain kinks. You...
  7. Rodauce

    How to unwatch users in a mass?

  8. E

    Better watching/watched by list

    I think it'd be nice to have a better list with an easier way to edit said list. For example, I have a rather large amount of people that I watch. I tend to occasionally go through and un-watch banned, removed, or dead accounts. It'd be nice if the list had ways of telling you either when a...
  9. L

    fairly new artist looking for watchers

    Hi everyone^^ I've been lurking for a while and decided it wouldn't hurt to say hi and drop some art. I draw mostly NSFW art of ladies. I think I'm slowly improving and I only draw what I enjoy but my page is pretty much invisible (probably because I'm so shy). though try not to get discouraged...
  10. msgrandpabacon

    Can I get some help?

    Hello there! I am new... sort of. I used to be on deviantart, and I had decent exposure, but I took a 6 year hiatus and started again here. I am just wondering what the best way to get exposure is. I really don't want to draw my sona again and again, but I also don't want to open up requests as...
  11. M

    Qyestion about people watching you

    Hi there ^^ I was curious if there's any possible way to make it so certian accounts aren't counted as watching you? I specifically mean account that have been banned or deactivated or moved. Was just curious because I have a feeling alot of my watchers are probably non active accounts and I'd...
  12. F

    Newbie On Board.

    Hi, guys, I'm new to the forum side of FA, and I'm just looking to get acquainted with a few people. I really like to discuss art things; techniques, your style, equipment, how long you've been at, etc. Just anything for good conversation.
  13. Raddy Fox

    Good artists, small following!

    Hey! New to FA, drawing or taking commissions? Us too! Thought I'd make a thread for any artist that, like me, are just starting up on FA. If you're anything like me, you'll find it megga disheartening trying to get known for your work on FA, no matter how good it is. I've had everyone tell me...