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  1. DecembristFlower

    Free Art: I am looking for characters and pet as models for my illustrations (SFW, Cuteness & 16+)+Artfight

    I specialize in drawing female figures, ferals and feline species, but you can send anyone, even humans. I'll choose a few OCs to draw during my vacation and post pics in middle of July. The result is likely to be in watercolor, gouache or pencil, but digital is also possible. Some last...
  2. DecembristFlower

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Digital and Watercolor Art + Mail packs!Anthro|Feral|Human|Feline|Furry

    Payment via paypal + boosty.to after sketch. Deadline 2-6 weeks. Letters usually go for 2-4 weeks YCHs Album on FA Have a look at new examples
  3. C

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) 1 character wash or cel shaded pieces for $45

    1 character commission with your choice of wash (watercolor) or cel (cartoony) color for $45 paid upfront via paypal! Note me! -SFW or NSFW -Any gender or species including human -Anthro or feral -Complicated characters may be up to $10 more -You will receive a rough sketch before I finalize...
  4. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Watercolour Portraits and Animation Chibis

    Hi there, thank you for showing interest in my commissions! I'm opening my doors again, but this time for Watercolour styled portraits and Animated chibis of characters. 5 slots are open for the animation pieces and I will update this thread once they've all been taken. If you're interested in...
  5. flying_ori

    Commissions Open for Unique Ideas

    Hello furfriends :) I am flying_ori and I love hearing interesting ideas for the vision friends have for art creations. I have two slots open, I take my time on your work so I an only take 2 commissions at a time. I charge a 40$ fee for examples like the ones I have attached. I typically do...
  6. AstroRey

    Free Art: ADHD art! SFW and NSFW

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im here with good news :) I'm offering free art of your favorite characters! I can draw: - Feral. - Humans. - Anthro. - Plants/ inanimate objects. - Im not as good with mecha, but Im ready to try! Here is the catch. I have ADHD so I cannot draw in the same style for...
  7. 555

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 commissions!!

    Hi! I'm not sure what happened to my other thread but my name is ant and I'm offering human or furry or anthro art commissions for only five dollars a piece! It'll be in a sketchy style with accents of watercolor, and can be a headshot or even full body if you want to! I have some examples on my...
  8. 555

    (Commission) Selling: $5 commission

    Hi! I'm ant and I'm doing commissions, I'll do anything you request including anthro or human or furry things, I'll do a headshot or full body up to your preference! I will be doing traditional art right now with accents of watercolor. You can have a look at my gallery at razorblade_555 on fa...
  9. Roamin

    Emergency Commissions, ANY subject, USD $5-$50+

    WHAT I'M OFFERING Hello! I am new here and I'd love to do some art and expand my digital portfolio. I am offering digital illustrations from simple character sketches, to reference sheets or full illustrations, from flat color to moderate render. I will only draw character focused work. SFW or...
  10. Teal_Avokado

    (Commission) Selling: Tradigital comissions! 1 open slot! $25+

    Hello there! I want to offer you some special commissions - watercolor and ink traditional art with digital edit :) You can see more examples on my DA - Avokad - Traditional Artist | DeviantArt ❖What I can draw - everything and everyone! (and especially want to work with robots and...
  11. ModifiedRabbit

    Commissions! As low as $12 for sketch work!

    Hello! My name is Modified Rabbit and I offer a wide range of commission art including but not limited to sketch work, line art, gray shaded work, full color and physical paintings! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Check out my FA for many more sample pieces and deals! I am...
  12. Pathanix

    (Commission) Selling: Pathanix/Pank's Art Shop [$5-$50+] Traditional Paintings [$20-$300+]

    Commission ToS and Adoptable(Customs) ToS When you commission me, please take the time to read these as this will be everything you need to know about doing business with me! The contract is also loose, so if you have any problems, please contact me directly. I'm able to take Paypal only. If...
  13. H

    Sketchbook: Mordy's Gallery

    Here's just some examples that I made. I am a traditional artist and use watercolors and inks. Self-portrait This is the one that got the most views The one that I'm most proud of And here is the fashion magazine that I publish quarterly: Please let me know if you...
  14. Silvie

    (Commission) Selling: [animated gifs, NSFW and SFW :D $15-60] COMMISSIONS OPEN [Portraits, PFP, gifs and more!]

    Hi all I like to work with ink and watercolor but I also do digital painting and lineart if that's your thing. [Patreon ad: www.patreon.com/almophada check it out if you feel like it :) ] # Prices range from $15-$60 depending on char quantity, pose, size and background. Portraits, chibi and...
  15. NoirSaberCat

    Watercolor Digital Painting Service!!

    “Watercolor” Digital painting service! You got a old sketch or lineart lying around? I can painted right up for you! —- I am curious if any artist have lineart or clean sketch but wanted to be painted up by me? I really want to practice on this digital watercolor style and I think to hit two...
  16. ALRtist

    (Other) Selling: Elemental Magic themed Painting

    This is a mixed media painting. Watercolor design with Black acrylic background. Added effects: Metalic watercolors, and glitter paint. (It does NOT shed the glitter. You're welcome) It showcases a type of yin and yang self portrait of the artist holding elemental symbols around the hands, and...
  17. Old World Bird

    (Commission) Selling: Watercolor commissions [5$ - 35$] [4/7 OPEN]

    Hey, paws! So, here is the deal. I want to open commissions soon, but I have some difficulties with pricing, since I have awful sense of time and I literally don't know, how much time I spend on drawings. Also, I want to build up a proper portfolio. So, I open 7 commission slots with quite...
  18. snager

    Traditional Watercolor and Sketch Character Art and Comics Starting at $5-10

    I’m Snager and I want to draw for you! Traditional media looks great on walls and computer towers and makes a great gift! Emotions? We got ‘em! your irl Pets? Yes! Robots? You Betcha! Ships? Only the gay ones. nsfw? Maybe. I have some weird kinks and I am super happy to draw them, but you...
  19. Monti Columba

    Halloween Headshot Badges/Couples Badges!

    Hey again, I wanted to mention that i was offering watercolor painted badges. Theyre about 5.5 inches tall, painted on watercolor paper (cold press i believe). and laminated. I also have some very fine glitter spray i can put on the artwork before laminating for some extra sparkle. I am...
  20. MomoSweetPeach

    $20 and Up Commissions!

    I am an experienced traditional artist who enjoys drawing all sorts of critters! I use markers, watercolour, pencils, pens, lots of stuff! I’ll draw just about anything- Send a reply if you’re interested and we’ll talk about prices! Paypal Only