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  1. Mr. Beaver

    Tutorial de Acuarelas!

    Hola a todos, estoy empezando a subir un taller de acuarela para a quien le interese aprender paso a paso, ¡un abrazo! P.
  2. M

    Open for Traditional Commissions! Sketches, Linearts, Pencilisms, and Watercolors!

    Opening up traditional commissions to draw a character of your liking! Whether it is humans, anthros, animals, creatures, or even your original characters, I can draw them in my style! Just note that i do not have my computer with me to give high quality scans of my drawings to you. Until i am...
  3. DocSteam

    Watercolor Paper Dolls and Character Art, starting at 25$!

    Hello hello! I'm offering a few slots for watercolor character painting and paper doll commissions. These bad boys are going to run between 25$ and 60$, depending on complexity and type. Samples: Basic info: - All paintings and dolls are done traditionally on thick multimedia paper. -...