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  1. U

    Pokemon rp4M

    Looking to do a rp involving pokemon. I mainly roleplay on discord. The stuff involved in the rp is more in the kinky side(stuff involved like watersports) we can go into more details if intrested. Please message me if you are. discord:MIKE#8243
  2. Mr. Shigglesworth

    (NSFW) Wanna take a trade that indulges my one kink.

    The kink in question is watersports, so yeah. Mutual piss-drawers only. I never really draw kink stuff of my own accord, but I've had the hankering to do so lately. I'm also quite interested in getting a kink piece of my sona done by someone else. So, for me, a trade is basically the dream job...
  3. Amynta

    Looking for dom RP-Partner (NSFW)

    Good day everyone! First off, this isn't meant for me, but for a friend, who needs help with finding fitting RP-partners. He is looking for long-term RP-partners for kinky roleplays. He is only comfortable with playing as male, sub characters and is looking for either male or female dom...
  4. P

    M M Filthy pet looking for kinky dirty dom

    hiys! I'm Lyton, a big fluffy wolf, I'm very submissive and would love to be made your filth slave . My favourite fetishes , I lover watersports, scat, vomit and the smell of sweat is such a big turn on! I love feral but am open to anthro and new ideas, I'll never force anything and am open to...
  5. P


    Are you a dominant master? do you enjoy the filthy, smelly kinks? if so please get in touch! id like to have someone thats detailed with there roleplays and really gets into filth, whilst feral is prefered i am fine with anthro too! Whats filth? Scat, Watersports, BO, sweat, Farts, Vomit, foot...