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  1. I

    Zombie Apocalypse

    In the rare scenario that zombies to come be it in the form of a evil spell or horrible virus, how prepared are you? Do you have a plan? Are you armed? What weapons would you use to fight off the undead fiends when they start walking (or sprinting) among us? Share advice and ideas or just post...
  2. S

    Steelite's Weapon Shop !

    So, I've had this interest in designing weapons (mostly melee) since a few years ago, and after a few attempts, I realized that's what I'd be doing with arts ! I've made a ton of designs, but most of them are super old and crappy-looking, when I was still trying to figure out the tools and...
  3. Jarren

    Firearm Owners In The Fandom?

    So, how many around here are into shooting sports and/or own some boom-sticks of their own? Got any milsurp recommendations or interesting stories from the range or back woods? Looking for advice on getting started with collecting or want to show off some of your nicer specimens? Do it here. Me...