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  1. masat

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$30 commissions open!

    Hey Guys! I'm open for commissions! You can contact me here, on my twitter @masatillust or on my instagram @masatgt I can also do: -logos -icons -reference sheets -weapons -Pin ups IG: J. E. Rodriguez (Masat) (@masatgt) • See Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Masat ||COMISSIONS ARE...
  2. Open_Mind

    Showcasing Linkin Spark!!

    Check out the fantastic work of @Linkin Spark ! This home-run headshot commission is just a taste of his distinctive style: Please check his gallery for beautiful examples of his specialty, bladed weapons, crystals and bowcraft. óÓÒò
  3. S

    A bit of everything you might want for your OCs !

    Hey folks, I'm officially opening my commissions today. Unfortunately, I don't have a proper porfolio or something like that just yet, so I'm limited to the format of the forum. So, I'm offering you guys the following features : Clean line-arts ! Fully colored and shaded ! Armors and weapons...
  4. S

    Weapon manufacturer "Red Alert" now available !

    Hey folks, have you ever wanted to break everyone's business in games and RPs alike (or break the games and RPs themselves) when you get decent weapons cheaper than you'd pay for a single bottle of health potion, along with free repair ? No ! Yes ? Fuck that ! Then you've come to the right...
  5. coldbrew

    Looking to practice! Specific themes are welcome :D

    Hey there! I'm open to requests -- just made a new FA and I'm looking to fill up my gallery with your ideas! :D I recently got back to drawing and wanted to work on my skills while exploring styles and themes. So here's the gist: - I draw anthro (all species welcome), humans, feral reptiles and...
  6. J

    Weapons-for-free for days !

    Can I get ya anything ? Anything to swing at your enemy's face so you can laugh at 'em while you're at it ? 'Cause I got a lot for that :3 All types of weapons with all kinds of designs for all of you to go with~ You can ask me to design something as you like ; in which case, I need the...
  7. timothy-henri

    Weaponz Adoptable Set #015

    www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) - Weapon Set #015 by Timothy-Henri # Starting Bid : $ 20 USD (for the bows, buyer will also get a matching arrow design too :3) # Minimum Increment : $ 5 USD # Auto Buy (A): $ 50 USD - You'll get custom palette version of your choice :3 # Auto Buy (B): $ 75 USD -...
  8. Moondoggy

    Ferocious Furs

    Your sona is about to head on an adventure and will face dangerous enemies. What will your sona use to defeat their enemies? Feel free to describe it more!