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web browsing

  1. DLewis28

    What are the best web comics?

    I have been out of touch from the indie comics for a long time. I like to know what is the best indie web comics right now?
  2. O

    Other Furry Sites (oof)

    I've never really liked the formatting of the FurAffinity site, so I went on a quest to discover new furry-integrated sites. The ones I discovered I've rated based on user-friendliness, looks, site activity, and overall member friendliness. I've also included some important info. Give me your...
  3. Cloudyhue

    Do you use your phone or PC more for web browsing?

    Just interested. What are your opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of using each platform? Personally I'm usually on my phone when I go on here, just because its much more convenient and I can type faster. I think using my PC is overall a better experience, though.