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web comic

  1. Kyrie_Nova

    In search of a specific comic

    A few years ago, I stumbled across a webcomic (i guess would be the best way of putting it?). I remember it was all about how the fandom helped the writer have a safe place to explore their identity. It was pretty short, I think maybe only 4-5 pages. I have been having the hardest time finding...
  2. 2deek

    Public opinion on my Upcoming webcomic

    So currently I'm working on a webcomic that I plan to publish called NAPD. Basically it' a sci-fi dark comedy cop drama that takes place in the future where a antisocial detective and his rookie partner solve extraordinary and extreme cases I'm working on a bit of promo art and I plan to sketch...
  3. Takkin

    Faircrest Furries - An Adventure/Comedy SFW Webcomic!

    Heyas everyone! I'd like to invite you to enjoy (hopefully!) a fun read of our web comic Faircrest Furries on Tapas. (or on Webtoons) - We'll be posting the comic to FA shortly as well! We're about 24 pages in right now. It follows the story of a young sister and brother and their coming...
  4. Manly-in-Training

    Snake Comic

    thinking of starting a comic about a snake living in a city full of furries. no arms, no legs, not a naga just a normal snake who can talk and post youtube videos. id love to hear any ideas suggestions or questions that I can draw out into comic strips
  5. RomieTears

    How would you prefer web comics to be updated?

    I'm a fan of a few web comics and mangas, and I've also been planning a few of my own. I have a question regarding comic updates! Do you prefer 1 page a week updates? 1 chapter a month (more or less) updates? Something else? Personally, I'll read a few comics at a time, leave them alone, and...
  6. MGFerret

    New Comic Page Posted :)

    Hi all, I've been working hard on this comic for a while, and if you're interested in reading it it's over on FA (Userpage of Orbitencounter -- Fur Affinity [dot] net it would be great if you could take the time to go read it. It's called Orbit: Encounter and is about a small space otter being...
  7. lajm


    Anyone else digs Lamezone/shit by Cate Wurtz? It's basically one of the only furry webcomics that I can enjoy. Lamezine and Smokes must be my two favorites tbh. I simply love em'
  8. kaewaii

    Character Design Suggestions?

    I'm working on a cast of characters for a comic I plan to start soon. I want the designs to be solid before I start, so I'd love to get feedback on them as I work on them. I'm updating from pre-existing designs. Mostly I want to be able to make all my characters have differing faces even if...
  9. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,i would like to share my furry action/fantasy comic :)

    Hi , my name is Pablo and i would like to share my furry shonen/action/fantasy comic with you: It is called Mr. Beaver https://tapastic.com/series/Mr-Beaver It is the first time i publish a web comic and i would like to know what you think, please let me know your comments and feedback ...
  10. Rant


    Yeah Im looking for more webcomics to read. Really into adventure, fantasy, supernatural stuff, horror, sci-fi, crime drama, action, mystery and humor. Here's some im reading or finished.
  11. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Need support for a web comic called "The Super Life of Jasfit".

    Hey, guys. I've been working on this comic for a while, but I really want to get it out there. I'm really wanting a colorist. If I had a smartphone, I would show you pictures of what the comics look like. I would also like suggestions on how to publish it and I think I know how to make a website...