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  1. S

    What could be considered the first Furry Webcomics?

    I'm writing a paper for personal reasons, and this isn't exactly a very well documented phenomenon, but I 100% believe there are a few users on here who have been furries since the 90s, so I thought I'd ask here first. My first thoughts were along the lines of Kevin and Kell or Freefall, but...
  2. JaredDillon

    Webcomic - Wayward

    Hello! I've been working on a new webcomic called Wayward, which follows a budding zoologist as she studies the strange and wonderful wildlife on the island of Knollos. It's going to be a light-hearted, episodic fantasy story that I hope you will enjoy! Webtoons Updates won't have a set...
  3. CYSYS8993

    Recommend me a furry webcomic series

    The ones I'm looking for are under the genre of action/adventure with full story arcs covered by volumes and chapters. Inspiration by Sonic or appearance of rabbits are assets.
  4. CYSYS8993

    Sketchbook: I'm working on an action/adventure webcomic

    The comic is called "Critter Fighters" and it's especially recommended to those who grew up with Sonic (like I have) or have rabbits as their favorite animal. Check it out in my FA gallery. Or in my DeviantArt. PS it's on Tapas too
  5. Sam Wamm

    Anyone have any goat-themed webcomics to follow?

    Lockdown has given me way more free time than i anticipated and i've caught up with all the comics i'm following. Anyone have any comics with a goat character as an important role? at the moment i've got about 6 comics yet to go so i'm gonna run out by the end of the month. i have friends...
  6. B

    Should me furry webcomic be NSFW?

    Like in the title. I'm making a furry fantasy-adventure webcomic, about a young deer trying to prevent a war between empires, and I need an opinion, which would appeal the most to general furry audience, SFW or NSFW. Vote here, and you can select multiple answers: www.strawpoll.me/42738737...
  7. KestrelOwl

    GorgoN ChambeR X: Grim Genesis (ZodiA WavE Part 1) (A Furry Cosmic Horror Shonen)

    Released the first episode yesterday! Set to release new major episodes monthly, but I plan on posting little bonus episodes to expand the story and world weekly. Any and all support is appreciated at the start of the comic's run, plan on making this my main gig now. Hope you EnjoY ThE ShoW!
  8. snailienz

    Virtual Pet Planet- A Multimedia Comic about Virtual pets (LGBT)

    SO this is kind of my passion project, I guess. I've been working on the story, designs, style and stuff for almost...ten years now? I meant to post this up when I started posting, but at the time I remembered these existed, the forums were down and I thought they weren't coming back since the...
  9. FloppyPony

    I'm new to comics - please check mine out

    Name: Pippi the happy pupper Style: Single comics with wholesome themes and cute characters Theme: designed to make you smile or laugh or teach you something about being nice www.furaffinity.net: Pippi the Happy Pup - Ant Friend by FloppyPony I am trying this out. I'm new to this type of...
  10. Gold-the-lucario

    Looking for help

    I am looking for a artist to work with on a project I been wanting to do and I am also looking for other people who may be interested
  11. kakaodieb

    First adult comic!!

    Hello everyone! :D As per the rules of the forums, there will not be any questionable images or detailed descriptions of the comic itself! I'm mainly advertising it a bit! c: Here's the FA link to the SFW cover image (it is rated mature despite being SFW, as the comic itself will be NSFW!) You...
  12. RazedAbyss


    A COMIC ABOUT A STOIC MILITARY-VET UNICORN AND HIS CARTOON WILDCARD BEST FRIEND AS THEY TRAVEL ACROSS DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS IN SEARCH OF PROFIT AND ADVENTURE! The comic is inspired by the likes of Sam & Max, Atomic Robo and SCUD the Disposable Assassin! An action comedy based in a zany...
  13. .wav

    Tips for a newbie comic artist

    So currently I'm working on a webcomic that I plan to publish called NAPD. Basically it' a sci-fi dark comedy cop drama that takes place in the future where an antisocial detective and his rookie partner solve extraordinary and extreme cases I'm working on a bit of promo art and I plan to...
  14. Fureviews

    Oscar the webcomic

    Hello world! I've been hard at work on my latest comic idea, and this one is called Oscar. It's a series of comic strips that centers around a raccoon guy called Oscar who's trying to live an average life in a big city that seemingly won't let him. I released the first strip yesterday. Check...
  15. KemonoCafe

    Introducing Kemono Cafe

    Hello there! Sandy here from the wonderful world of Fable to welcome you to Kemono Cafe. Bringing comic artists and readers together under one big red roof. We hope to see you there. Come by and check out some of our comics, such as... Caribbean Blue by Nekonny - Searching for a cure for...
  16. sterkiherz

    ♡ I'm working on a Fantasy/Comedy Comic! ♡

    Howdy!:p ~ I'm new around here and I guess I wanted to share a little project I've been working on for a while now n.n My comic is called Miraclewish and you can read it on Tapas and Webtoons! ~ ♡ A little summary: ♡ Angiris is a 13 year-old girl from Cloveridge City. One day, on her way...
  17. angeliimp

    Furry graphic novel recommendations?

    Really wanna get into some furry webcomics and such. Would prefer mostly SFW but if there's slight NSFW at any point that's fine!
  18. Prismhawk

    18+ Sci-fi web comic

    I am writing a long form +18 Erotic Space-themed comic that updates on Wednesdays. It is full of sexy space shenanigans and exciting adventures Check it out here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/32837154/ or on Twitter
  19. Silvie

    any fanfic Werewolf:Apocalypse (RPG)?

    I've been planning to write a fic (it's in portuguese-br :/) using the setting of werewolf:apocalypse. Does anyone ever wrote anything in this setting or, if you feel like sharing plots regarding shapeshifting fursonas (discussed this on reddit once, if shapeshifting is regarded as furry and how...
  20. H

    Hiring: Seeking an artist for a werewolf webcomic (Closed)

    Description: Daemoneye Publishing is seeking to partner with a freelance artist for a long-term webcomic project set in the Lycanthrope Club universe (and possibly a second, yet to be announced webcomic). The Lycanthrope Club series chronicles the emergence of a relatively benign form of...