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weight gain

  1. CatCookie

    Looking for Pokémon (mystery dungeon) weight gain RP (Feeder Partner or mutual)

    Hi, I have a huge interest in Roleplay things where my shinx gets fat, either mainline Pokémon related or Mystery dungeon. would want things to focus on their gains and struggles related to that,not just eat, sleep, eat. Like how does weight affect training, show what the effects of it...
  2. P

    Looking for a weight-gain RP partner

    Good day to all. I am looking for a long-term RP partner with interests in weight gain for here or Discord, preferably the latter, though I am flexible. I tend to specialize in Pokémon as the base of my RPs, but I am willing to negotiate on the terms, I have many different scenarios and...
  3. HarlowVenus

    Looking for Longterm RP Partner

    Hiya everyone! My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is...
  4. HarlowVenus

    Looking for a Long Term RP Partner

    Hiya everyone! My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is...
  5. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to commission weight gain image

    Hello. I am looking for an artist who would be interested in drawing a fat pic based on the following character below. I have proper details to give to those interested. My price range for this is anything equal or below $35 USD. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  6. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to make a new image mostly resembling CGI (Fetish Related)

    Hello. I am looking for someone who would be able to create an image, relating to weight gain, that resembles CGI. Not so much the head of the one in the image, but rather the body, or more so the fat that would look like CGI. Particularly with taking the character below, shown in live-action...
  7. Heyhoi

    SFW fat fur/ stuffing/inflation rp

    I'm looking for someone willing to fatten my male character up! PM me if interested! Looking to rp on discord, but FA dms is ok too!
  8. C

    (18+) Looking for someone to Roleplay with

    Hey there. I was hoping to find someone here who was willing to rp with me. I'm fine with any gender and any anthro species, as well as humans, though no bestial stuff. I also am a huge fan of weight gain, hypnosis and force feeding. Though I'm willing to try out other fetishes if they don't go...
  9. GuyJonson

    Tower Of Heaven, open once again after 3 years

    Back in 2017 I made a post on here about a dedicated rp called ToH. Now, I'm once again opening the gates to the tower. 100 floors of adventures and kinky fun, the server's already getting a bit of life breathed into it, so come join! We accept all kinks of kinks, from weight gain to inflation...
  10. Fluffyfox.............

    (18+) Ssbbw vixen WG RP advertisement! OwO

    I'm advertising an RP, with me as Fluffyfox.
  11. Kazzanti

    Pokemon WG RP partners wanted

    Honestly I'm asking for a friend with a server dedicated to Weight Gain RP for Pokemon. We're looking for: • Any Orientation • Any Gender • Preferably no minors, you shouldn't be doing kink RP to begin with. • Non-human [not a problem here, right?] What we don't want: • Vore • Scat • Bodily...
  12. D

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking for an author (150 USD maximum)

    (Must be comfortable with fatal vore, digestion, weight gain, hyper fat in various areas) Looking for an author to write a story adaptation of these two sequences I commissioned from https://www.furaffinity.net/user/disko./ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34954416/ sta.sh: Godzilla Weight...
  13. D

    Hiring: Seeking artist for vore and weight gain sequence. Price Range: 100 to 150 USD (ARTIST HIRED)

    Alright, this is my first time doing this so correct me if I do something wrong. I’m looking for an artist that is willing to draw a vore sequence involving Godzilla devouring Ghidorah and the ensuing weight gain. Details in case anything turns you too from doing it: a lot of weight gain...
  14. DiamondVoid

    Free Fat Fur Related Stories

    My requests are open! Please refer to my Trello for ToS: Trello I am only doing fat fur related content for now. Thanks!
  15. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking pokemon vore/inflation rp

    Konichiwa! I'm looking for a pokemon rp. Vore, inflation,stuffing/weight gain and growth are my main ideas right now but i can possibly do normal clean rp or gore too. I don't rp prey in vore but i can play any role in inflation and stuffing. I often incorporate some growth or weight gain in...
  16. O

    Looking for growth(giant) rp

    Hello! I am looking for a growth(giant) rp
  17. W

    Fatty RP Things

    I'm looking for someone that would be into participating in an rp centered around male weight gain and/or vore. No NSFW. If anyone is interested, message me on my FA page: Userpage of weirdoguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Edit: I do not feel comfortable talking to minors, so if you are under the...
  18. PootisBear

    Looking for weight gain/fatfur RP partners

    I'm looking for a RP partner for a weight gain centric RP that can be based around fursonas/OC's or already existing canon franchises. For clarification I'm looking for females primarily, Male characters are heavily mood dependant for me but I can be tempted from time to time. Either pure smut...
  19. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: (SFW & NSFW) BBW/Fat Fetish Commissions ($15-50)

    Hey everyone, I've got some new commissions open. As always these will be similar to my lineart commissions from the past - but will now also be in full color. Below are the prices: Lineart with minimal shading - $15 solo character 2 or more characters - $25+ (base price) Examples...
  20. Z

    Search someone for roleplay

    Hi I search somebody who can roleplay with me :) I want something like Weight gain / inflation Everybody is welcome!