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weird things

  1. Aquasystem

    Weirdest video game character you simp for?

    I have one, there's this one boss in Genshin Impact I find hot,idk why but this guy is just mighty fine for me what about you? what's yours?
  2. RuffTumbling

    Post something odd about you!

    So everyone has something strange about them whether you like it or not. Let's embrace our odd behaviors, hobbies and personalities here on this thread! I'll share a few things about me that I'm sure some of you will get a kick out of. I have waaaaaaay more odd things about me but I'll let...
  3. T

    What are some odd things that you do?

    I'd love to read about the weird or silly things people do. For example: -I give the occasional bugs that I find in my apartment names (Wanda the Wasp, Wendy the Wasp, Martina McFly, etc.). -Sometimes I'll just randomly say "meow" when I'm bored. -When I'm playing with my baby niece, I speak...
  4. Niru the Husky

    Have you ever done something weird, related to animals ?

    When I was younger, I tried dry dog food and it tasted kinda good xD ? My parent's said that is isn't healthy and then I stopped. Also food for guinea pigs which looks like some cereal ;D At a friends house, they have a giant dog and a large bag filled with oatmeal for their dog. Everytime we...