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  1. JZLobo

    Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

    (If anyone recognizes the Universal Greeting, they're automatically my friend. Unless you think Rumble is the blue one.) So long story short, I've been in denial about being a furry for years despite my lifelong fascination with anthropomorphic species. I guess I just don't like being labeled...
  2. C

    Feelings About Were-Animal Stories

    So, I'm curious, what's preferable: Stories/books featuring anthropomorphic creatures that have always been that way, or ones involving people that shift between human form and an anthropomorphic form?
  3. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Meet Daithi

    Name: Daithi Aaron Radcliff Age: 23 (With a 56 year old mind.) Sex: Male Species: Loboan Night Wolf Height: 5’9 Weight: 223 Ib {Appearance} - Hair and fur: Hair colour (Black and Blonde White hair with Green hairs.) Hairstyle ( Long jungle dread hair) Facial Hairstyle (Goatee with a light...
  4. Kellion

    Amber the Singarti Huntress (Space Werewolves) Art Contest

    Hello, i had start my next contest Deadline is 31.08.2018 23:59 a clock MST (August 31 2018) About Aber (female human) vs Singarti (Space, Cyborg werewolves) I still search prizes and support, each share is welcome. Prize Info: --------------------------- 1# Place...
  5. Mosie


    LOOK AT ME! Someone made my sona so perfectly I'm in awe :3 mamasaurus on deviantart is anyone is wondering, I'm so glad she opened these back up!
  6. Starbomb

    [OPEN] Adopt Sale

    These girls are being sold, 20USD each, via PayPal. Comment on thread or here to claim! Thanks for you time! Find me: Picarto | Furaffinity | DeviantArt | Patreon | Ko-Fi
  7. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Let me draw your fursonas!

    Hey ya'll! I have commissions open, but I feel like I don't have enough good furry examples in my gallery for people to really be interested/notice. I'd love to draw your fursonas for you so that I can fill up my gallery a bit ^^ Just flat colored, simple designs please. I'm definitely more...
  8. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw my Demonic Werewolf? <3

    Just gonna put him up there if anyone wants my draw my Werewolf Fursona/OC his both xD Feel free to draw him, maybe even for inktober if you wish. I would love to see what you come up with. I will be super thankful! I really badly need art of him.. Anyway here he is My Fursona by ThyBlackReaper...
  9. thedinopharaoh

    Dino's Digital Art Commissions! (TF, flats, chibis, paintings, icons, etc,)!

    Please NOTE or PM me on: Deviantart: dinoPharaoh on DeviantArt Furaffinity: Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Info: Here's my price sheet with all the information: https://img00.deviantart.net/f52f/i.....oh-dbdnppl.png Status: OPEN TRANSFORMATIONS: Can be commissioned...
  10. E

    A New Werewolf - looking for feedback

    Hello all. I've been working on my weregirl, Vala, for sometime now and finally got around to writing up a bio sheet for her. I don't have the backstory all sorted yet, but basically it's a bastardization of the "raised by wolves" trope. She is a human who used to live with the other humans in...
  11. Ijaron

    german medival song cover

    hello everyone:) i am norjia and a few days ago a asked two songwriters if i could cover their song "Wolfsblume" it took a while though after that i had a voice only cover. this song revolves around a werewolf seeking for love and finally finding it the whole video has lyrics and is in the first...
  12. LucidHowl

    Ookami (Werewolf rp)

    So I had this weird idea for an rp and I really want to try it out. This rp would have a setting similar to feudal Japan and it's about wolves.. Well werewolves (And dogs too lol. Foxes are allowed but they're rare because it sort of goes with the whole kitsune thing. ). I pitched the idea on...
  13. sneakyfallow

    Werewolf Adoptables Up For Grabs!

    I've got some naturally-colored werewolf character designs up for sale!I have 2 females left. Buyer gets ref sheet of adopted character with desired add-ons (if applicable). Here's a link to my gallery if you're interested in checking out my other stuff! FEMALES: Link here! Both of these...
  14. ToddWolf

    Werewolf/Canine YCH

    FOR CANINES ONLY (any canine character is welcome, I can redraw sketch according to your character) Only males Rules • Payment must be made within 24 hours after the auction's end. • Payment via Paypal. • Bids and payment in $USD • Minimal bid increase is 10$ • Post your bid as a reply to the...
  15. DeadliestVenom

    Auctions and Adopts, low prices!

    I have a few auctions going on at the moment and wanted to advertise them a little! :) Grey wolf, auction ends 3/13/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Grey Wolf Auction by DeadliestVenom Peach canine, auction ends 3/10/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Peach Auction by DeadliestVenom Werewolf, auction ends...
  16. bomo

    Commissions + Adoptables - painted & lineart!

    Hello! I'm Bo, a freelance illustrator who loves sci-fi, horror, monsters and animals. I haven't taken commissions here previously (so let me know if this isn't how things are done here), but I have a solid track record in being fast and friendly and working to a high standard, including working...
  17. slainte

    Wanting a NSFW sketch commission ~$30

    I'm looking to commission an artist to draw a nice NSFW sketch of my werewolf OC. What I'd like is an illustration of him in his human form with his knot. So I guess this is a kink-related thing? However, I'd like it to be tasteful, like a pin-up, I suppose. I've been cheated out of my money...
  18. ShortConcepts

    3D Furred Character Profiles OPEN

    Example of a 3D Furred Character Profile! I'm opening for a new type of commission -- 3D Furred Character Profiles are now OPEN! Profile shots start at $150. You can choose the expression, the view, and if you'd like the piece to be formatted as landscape or portrait. If interested, post a...
  19. fandomworldslove


    hi guys im new with the furry stuff but have been drawing for like couple years now and got recently active again, would be fun to do an art trade etc so drop a reply here and we´ll get this shit started : ))