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  1. PheonixFrostpaw

    Halloween adoptables OPEN

    ( Ok this is my first ever forum experience so here we go! O__O') I got some Halloween adoptables up for sale! Been an active artist for years but joined Furaffinity this month and working on understanding how things work around this page. So thought I would try the Forum! Here is the link to...
  2. GrumpiestBadger

    Fire and Ice Werewolf Auction - SB $20

    I have a fire and ice themed werewolf auction happening. Starting bid for both is $20. Autobuy is $60. Check them out at the link. www.furaffinity.net: Fire and Ice Werewolf Auction by GrumpiestBadger
  3. Tallow_Phoenix

    Tell me about your were-canids! (werewolves, weredogs, etc.)

    So, since I recently had a change of heart on zombie characters with the creation of an adorable zombie OC, I figured I'd give werewolves a fair chance too! I'm making a werecoyote character and would like some inspiration! For those of you who have werewolf/coyote/dog/whatever characters, or...
  4. Leocrit

    My Top 10 Favorite Wolfman in Gaming

    The first Furry Game Reviews in October, and i'm doing Werewolves this year, and there are a lot of werewolves and wolfman in gaming over the years. So which one is my favorite out of all of them? Watch the video to find out.
  5. Rap Daniel

    Why do actors ruin werewolves? (short, calm rant)

    Don't get me wrong, there are actors who make good werewolves. But don't you hate it when a good werewolf transformation ends and the actor ruins it by acting more like a bird? Here's a tip for werewolf actors. Please don't flick your head around. You're a wolf, not a bird!
  6. H

    Hiring: Seeking an artist for a werewolf webcomic (Closed)

    Description: Daemoneye Publishing is seeking to partner with a freelance artist for a long-term webcomic project set in the Lycanthrope Club universe (and possibly a second, yet to be announced webcomic). The Lycanthrope Club series chronicles the emergence of a relatively benign form of...
  7. JZLobo

    Critiques and comments, please!

    I'm writing a serial of werewolf stories and I am absolutely dying for more feedback. It's the tale of a young werewolf named Samson, orphaned by werewolf-hunting cultists and winding up on his own until humans capture him for horrific scientific experiments. By the time he's rescued and taken...
  8. F

    We need more Good Werewolfs in media.

    Why is it always the "argh! I can't control it! *blacks out and murders everyone around him!*" trope? Werewolves who are in control and lucid during their altered state are so much better and cooler!
  9. Kellion

    Amber the Singarti Huntress (Space Werewolves) Art Contest

    Hello, i had start my next contest Deadline is 31.08.2018 23:59 a clock MST (August 31 2018) About Aber (female human) vs Singarti (Space, Cyborg werewolves) I still search prizes and support, each share is welcome. Prize Info: --------------------------- 1# Place...
  10. E

    Would Weres Count as Furries?

    Weres being like werewolves, werebears, etc etc. And like, I get that if weres actually existed they could be part of the furry fandom if they wanted to be. In fact, they'd probably love it since they have a built-in fur suit and no one would judge them at cons. In fact, modern times does a lot...
  11. LucidHowl

    Ookami (Werewolf rp)

    So I had this weird idea for an rp and I really want to try it out. This rp would have a setting similar to feudal Japan and it's about wolves.. Well werewolves (And dogs too lol. Foxes are allowed but they're rare because it sort of goes with the whole kitsune thing. ). I pitched the idea on...
  12. sneakyfallow

    Werewolf Adoptables Up For Grabs!

    I've got some naturally-colored werewolf character designs up for sale!I have 2 females left. Buyer gets ref sheet of adopted character with desired add-ons (if applicable). Here's a link to my gallery if you're interested in checking out my other stuff! FEMALES: Link here! Both of these...