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  1. Mohammed of the worm clan


  2. Dreamweaver

    Request: Sona in a wheelchair

    Hello, I am working on embracing my wheelchair more, and am hoping I might be able to find someone interested in drawing them in a wheelchair for me Refs: www.furaffinity.net: Socket Ref by Dreamweaver07 www.furaffinity.net: Ref sheet drawn by Ranger by Dreamweaver07 www.furaffinity.net: socket...
  3. Asteroo

    why the when mom keeps saying beep at?

    Hi guy(s), so I've been having problems with my mom this week since I took someone's advice and tried to change her oil, all she does is give me dirty looks and hits and runs me over even more now. I tried calming her down by offering our Cat as a sacrifice (Since the darkest day the small...
  4. Marrou

    Fursuiting in a wheelchair?

    i'v been wanting to try fursuiting for quite a while now but i'm not sure how to go about doing it. I'm wheelchair bound and it's alredy pretty hard for me to get around, but i realy want to try it. does anyone have some good tips on how to go about doing this?