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  1. just.chillin

    Wild stories from your school(s)

    Like the title implies, share stories from the schools that you went to. I've gathered some from the high schools that I attended: A human lung in a toilet during prom. Someone stole the biology teacher's preserved smoker's lung that was sealed in a jar and dumped the contents into the toilet...
  2. Guifrog

    Rock, paper, scissors, popsicles, machines, zebras, stuff

    Whazzup?! We're having a very nice luau on the beach and now it's time for some chilled out gaming. Here's how it works: I post a word, and the next one posts something that beats that word somehow. Likewise, the following poster tries to beat what the previous one used. Like this: User 1...
  3. I

    Red Wolves might disappear forever.

    One of the wolf species currently facing the greatest difficulty recovering seems to be the Red Wolf. This is mostly due to human hunting and environmental conditions. It seems there is not much being done to help these animals, and the ones who are trying to make a difference such as...
  4. Phoenixflaym_Eternity

    [POLL] Which of these unpopular/unusual/exotic animals would you most like to see me draw?

    I'd like to draw some unpopular/unusual/exotic animals. I randomly narrowed down a list of around 50 species to these ten, so please don't suggest any more animals. I opened this poll up to my watchers on DeviantART, and if you have a DA you can vote here. Magenta-Fantasies on DeviantArt The...
  5. Noreth-adopts

    ♦ Adoptable Auction ♦

    Heya! I'm new on Furaffinity but I've been selling adoptables on Deviantart a while ago. Here's the link of my account ^^ - Noreth-Adopts on DeviantArt - I have commissions open so take a look ♥ I do not know very well how this website works or how to advertise, if someone were so kind to...