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windows 10

  1. W

    Has anyone ever experienced these new bugs & exploits being introduced in Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 from it's updates?

    We all know that Windows 10 gets bloated with updates twice every year, but it also breaks a lot of components every time, but mostly rarely. But on the meat of the topic, almost every time since at least 2018, Windows Media Player continues to break certain features of the program, causing...
  2. N

    Recommended wired headsets for PC?

    So I've just about had it with using the bluetooth headphones I have lol. Well, they are okay for just listening to music or whatever, however I've discovered they are not good for voice chatting, as for some reason on my PC (which is Windows 10) if I'm in a Discord call, or using my mic in...
  3. N

    USB freezing system on new PC (and other USB issues)

    So I built a PC (it was my first build) a few months ago. It's a Windows 10 system. It's been fine for the most part, running fast and everything, but I've had one problem with it that seems to maybe be getting worse, and that's mainly with the USBs. A couple times now, seemingly randomly, when...
  4. N

    Please, how do you turn off Windows handwriting COMPLETELY

    I've been dealing with this fucking thing for the past year. I've finally come to my wit's end. I just want the fucking thing disabled completely. Every. Single. Time. I open up Discord while I'm drawing (aka using my tablet) this fucking Windows ink handwriting box spawns over the text box...
  5. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Forced Windows 10 Updates...

    ...will now take up memory space at all times. www.google.com: Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning
  6. Multoran

    Windows 10 (Reset Problem)

    Ok so, recently I was trying to reset my laptop, but each time it would get about half way and then say "Error occurred, no changes were made" or something of that sort. Nothing Microsoft support did or suggested helped, and I was close to just taking it in for repair. Well I stumbled upon a...
  7. Maxwell _The Folf

    Can you do a poll for me Windows 7 vs 10

    I want to know if i should Upgrade my servers and my Main gaming pc to windows 10 or stay on windows 7 This is Where you go to do the Poll-------- www.poll-maker.com: Have your say: Windows 7 VS Windows 10 a