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  1. FoxesYummy

    Recommended Programs

    Feel free to post any programs you have used before and would recommend to others below. Mine (all are free): 7-Zip - Read and compress files in many formats with high compression ratios Notepad++ - "Notepad on serious steroids" - Forgot who said this but it fits perfectly GraphicsGale - Pixel...
  2. W

    Has anyone ever experienced these new bugs & exploits being introduced in Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 10 from it's updates?

    We all know that Windows 10 gets bloated with updates twice every year, but it also breaks a lot of components every time, but mostly rarely. But on the meat of the topic, almost every time since at least 2018, Windows Media Player continues to break certain features of the program, causing...
  3. Deathless

    What's your favorite Windows?

    What's your favorite Windows? Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc? I would say I really like Windows 10 mainly because of the speed and just the little things (being able to scroll while not on a window, the home menu not being fullscreen, the list goes on!) But before I got a Windows 10 computer, Windows 8...