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  1. V

    (Base/YCH) Selling: SFW YCH auction for any feral species!

    SLOT A SB - 150$ MB - 25$ AB - 300$ SLOT B SB - 150$ MB - 25$ AB - 300$ You can buy both for 450$ <З Full or half prepayment! Payment with BOOSTY only (you use your PayPal account and if you never work with this system before I will send tutorial to you) Background is in process, I'll change...
  2. Lienyao

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [ OPEN ] Character Purge | CS & Originals w/ multiple art $90-$198

    Link for the characters: https://toyhou.se/Lifedanced/characters I accept payment plans and can hold onto a character for 2-4 weeks. Payment will be done through paypal in USD. I am also selling this oc as well from my main account https://toyhou.se/6182094.tiras-vasile I accept...
  3. dahbastard

    City in a cavern

    Hello, I recently finished this piece, and though (as always) it can be improved, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, so I am leaving it here. Feel free to post your own art, and (time permitting), I will take a look. Thank you!
  4. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts (€15)

    Price - €15 each This base was made by Shinzessu! FA link - www.furaffinity.net: Canine Adopts [ 3/3 OPEN ] by OstrichAdopts
  5. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts ( €20 )

    Price: €20 each The buyer can make their adopt into an anthro if they want to : ) This base was made by Shinzessu! FurAffinity link - www.furaffinity.net: canine adopts [ 3/3 open ] by OstrichAdopts
  6. X

    Adopt Thunderstorm Pony (sb - 20$)

    www.furaffinity.net: Adopt Thunderstorm Pony[open] by Xoistom Bid Here: SB: 20$ MI: 1$ AB: 200$ when bid will be since 50$ I will draw for it half-body art Paying on PayPall no rules for this adopt
  7. Michaels_Fan

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old bat adopts I found, $20paypal each.

    Howdy! I found a few old adopts I made last year. They never did sell, so I'm putting them up for adoption! You own the character after buying. I designed and drew it, so please credit me. I can add text of your choice, such as name, gender, pronouns. (Will remove watermarks) Please comment...
  8. Ceren

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Expressive Portraits

    I go by Aribis most other places. The examples I will be displaying are mostly content from Flight Rising, which is where I have spent much of my time the past few years. I consider myself a versatile digital artist and am confident in my abilities to tackle most any challenge! See below for the...
  9. Evok Studios

    American Shot for $55 (Only 5 slots)

    Hello :D Im selling american shots only for $55 ;D this is my style, u can see more of my art in the links <3 SEND ME A NOTE IF U R INTERESTE <3 J More art: https://www.furaffinity.net//evokstudio/folder/726609/Akie-Furry-Artworks NSFW: Artwork Gallery for EvokStudio -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Cultro

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Unicorn Girl UFA [CB: 4$, 3 hoursleft]

    Starting Bid is 4$ Current Bid is: 4$ Find her on FA [NSFW]: www.furaffinity.net: "Innocent" UFA by Cultro Or on DA: 'Innocent' UFA [Open] by Culthro on DeviantArt
  11. N

    Arms/wings on anthro avians?

    Okay. This is a question I've been having for a while and am wanting to ask to get some ideas on how anthro bird anatomy would work in some of my universes. What are your preferred styles of "bird arms" and wings? I've seen a few going around with anthro avians, either wings with "feather...
  12. Seth Phillips

    (Commission) Selling: DRAGON ART $15 - $30

    Doing dragon art, $35 for a fullbody that will be shaded. Headshots will be shaded too and are $15 Shaded like this: comment/message me if you're interested!
  13. Kenadragon

    YCH: Seaside Flight

    Enjoy a nice sea breeze with this YCH! www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Seaside Flight" by Drekena The Details: -Any winged character -Anthro OK -Any gender -Body type adjustable Starting bid: $5 Minimum increase $2 If total bid amount reaches: $15 and below: Flat colored lineart $15: (Detailed)...
  14. B

    I need a head and arm wings, October deadline

    My budget is $500. The head must be glasses friendly and toony. The wings can be made of fleece and there will not be paws, so the wearer's hands would be exposed. Each wing will be 32 inches length from the start of one's shoulder to the tip. The dark part of the wings will go down to one's...
  15. S

    Fairytale For Sale! OC Sale!

    Original design: Leafstorm Art by: Amethist The OC is currently owned by me and I have full rights to it. If you purchase, you will recieve full rights in return once I recieve payment. She does come with some art. $20 USD via PayPal! If you're interested in purchasing, please comment here...
  16. David Carpenter

    (For a film) Large Crow wings, body, tail & feet

    Hi , My name is David Carpenter. I'm an independent film maker out of LA. I have a short film I'm looking to shoot in November or December and I'm looking for assistance on the creating a large crow costume. Currently I have some one making the head/mask. I'm working with Crystumes, she is...
  17. GenkeiZwei

    My fursona, took a lot of time to draw, critique (and compliments) wellcome.

    If you would like to read more about Tenso, and there is a lot, here is his character bio: forums.furaffinity.net: Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona
  18. GenkeiZwei

    Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona

    Name: Tenso Last-name: Koumori Nicknames: Mori, X-so Species: Bat Age: 20 Birthplace: Japan Height: 176 Cm Wight: 65-70 kg Body type: Slim athletic Quirks: Tenso has 3 normal fingers and 2 extreamly long ones to which his wings are connected. His wings are also connected to his body, making it...
  19. nabiudegrua

    Fireswift the Bat [AUCTION] [front, back and side view inluded]

    Fireswift is a curious, bold and frisky bat. Tricks and fun is what she lives for. Though, she is easy to get on with and never boring to talk to. (You can change her name and personality, it is just what I was thinking about while drawing her) Takes place here: www.furaffinity.net: Fireswift...
  20. C

    Pastel Sweetie for Adoption! ~Auction~ $7

    www.furaffinity.net: Pastel Sweetie for Adoption! ~Auction~ by Cloviux Hello! I would really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my pastel character for adoption. I did my best to make him/her as cute as possible! Please respond on the link above if you are interested. Thank you!