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  1. Glitter_Daddy

    Looking for some feedback.

  2. Glitter_Daddy

    Look for some feedback my work of first adult comic

    This will be my first adult comic and I know it still early but without text is the pages readable, can you guys some what understand what's going on? Thanks for your time.
  3. Faustus

    [WIP] Fox 3D render

    Thought I'd drop this WIP model in here to show what I've been up to for what feels like months now! It's still in a fairly early stage, but at least I put some boxers on him to protect his modesty! At the moment I'm working on rigging the skeleton so he's still in a very stiff default pose...
  4. TyraWadman

    Tyra's WIPs

    This will just be another place for me to vent my frustrations as I chip away at the millions of projects I have collecting dust in my folders. Now, for my first piece...
  5. fenchfletcher

    Can someone critique my newest animation?

    I am working on expressions in my animations, and I was wondering if someone could maybe critique the newest one I made so I can improve on future animations?
  6. TempestValiant

    WIP Critique (soft NSFW)

    Hello, I'm currently working on a character that is meant to be a female barbarian/Germanic type warrior. I'm considering this NSFW because she is topless, but it is not meant to be sexual, just casual nudity. www.furaffinity.net: Olivia Starling WIP by TempestValiant Any suggestions on...
  7. 2deek

    A work in progress, but still want some critique

  8. wumblebum

    WIP - Corgi Butt (semi-nsfw)

    It started out as a bit of a joke, because I love corgis and there's that joke going around about their cute butts. u_u I'm still trying to think of a name for this new OC before I colour him. Any suggestions? LINK - (it's suggestive so just being safe!)
  9. CattishOne

    Sketchbook: CattishOne's Drawings

    Hi! I recently got into the furry fandom and figured to share my art on the forum. Up until now I mostly drew friends' D&D characters, but I'd love to branch out and draw more furries! ✨ FurAffinity ✨ Tumblr ✨ Twitter ✨ Instagram ✨
  10. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Hi! I’m InvertSilhouette (on most platforms that allow all 16 characters) and I make art of animals and fancy patterns. I’m not sure I want to post my sketch / WIP work to FA, so I’ll post it here (along with Twitter & Insta). If you want to follow just finished work, you can find it on FA...
  11. Shahf the Wolfo

    Furry Interactive Text Adventure Games (NSFW)

    *UPDATED 04/07/21* Hi there ^^ Thought I'd link the text adventure games I'm writing with another fur. It's available on telegram and discord, and we've put a lot of work into them so thought it'd be nice to share with all you lovely furs :D We've just released our newest game: The Hound and...
  12. A Minty cheetah

    First fursuit! 0w0

    So Minty has been accepted for his first fursuit commission, and I've decided to document the progress here. I'll be sharing any updates on progress as they come, all with permission from the maker: ScuppetSuits! As much as I'd love a full suit, I'm kind of like a human radiator and if I...
  13. D

    Critique: please

    I have no clue what to color this thing. I've been touching on blue, but likeeee.... I'm just not at all confident in my decisions. I've only recently begun coloring. I'm also wondering what do you all think about this piece in general? Here's the thing without color... I'm a little iffy on...
  14. bluezcherry

    share a WIP you're proud of

    Mine is a comic I've been working on! It's bodyswap and aliens :D I've got at least half the thumbnails for the first draft done. It might be a bigger project than I'm used to, but it'll look great when I'm done (i rly love seeing progress/process art, and i know how rewarding it is to see...
  15. K

    Protogen fursuit

    So im new to all this, and decided to make a Protogen fursuit. I know im diving in head first with this. Ordered a kit and while ive been waiting for it, ive been trying to figure out how to fur it and make it. Has anyone else made a protgen from the kits, and if so, how did you fur it? I assume...
  16. B

    First Fursuit

    I'm starting my first fursuit and planning for a partial that if I get cozy while making it I'll turn it into a fullsuit instead. I'm making a skull ram with empty eye sockets. I'm casting it using either expanding foam or resin. I currently have the sculpt of the upper jaw done (aside from a...
  17. fumingu

    Sketchbook: Sketches and Works!

    Never done furry art before now. Decided to make some and start posting, so here is a WIP! It's been really fun to do so far :p:D I don't think this counts as NSFW, but if it does, lemme know
  18. dunspork

    Bunch of WIPS!

    Here are a bunch of traditional WIPs that I've been doing today, they're all linearts that I plan to color with copics tomorrow!! There were more but it won't upload so here's this for now!! :P
  19. Foxex

    Fursona WIP Custom Species

    So I am currently designing my own species for my Fursona, and one of my first original characters I'm designing myself I am still working out the specific details of the species, and this little guy's name is Ziph, I'll be periodically posting updates on the project and I'll post the info...
  20. TR273

    WIP Comic page

    Ok I know the art isn’t my best but this is and early draught for a single page comic. How does it look so far in terms of layout and story? I know the handwriting is bad:D.