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  1. coldbrew

    WIP Brewery!

    Been back for some time and thought I'd start a sketchbook again, but actually put stuff in it this time. I draw like a gajillion stuff at the same time going back and forth to avoid slacking off on a piece, so posting sketches or updates here might help me concentrate better. Like a sort of...
  2. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline!] -- Percy (D)raws- (D)oodle Book

    Ahoy. =u=/ My name is P.D. I've been drawing since the early 2000's. However, around 2012, life happened and I stopped drawing (as) much. Now life is starting to settle back out again for me and I am drawing again! I am mainly a digital artist, since I am not stable enough for natural mediums...
  3. tipsypaipai

    Confused about what I'm doing here...

    I mean about the drawings I'm making. I'm confused about the drawings. I'm just going to be experimenting with whatever be it animation, illustration or painting. I guess you could say this is a dumping ground for furry related WIP, keeping it SFW. Would love any feedback or tips that you guys...
  4. AcidWolf22

    My first fursona, I guess

    This is still a WIP. I'm not too experienced with creating characters, so I basically just made myself, but a lime green wolf. I have a drawing, but I'm too self-conscious about it because I'm not an artist and it took me like 15 minutes to make in paint.net. Let me know if you'd like to see...
  5. exobiologickitten

    Attempted my first anthro character - WIP

    Hello! I haven't really dabbled in drawing anthro before, but I'm p pleased with how my first attempt is going so far, so I figured I'd share it. It's not super clear, but the end of her tail is meant to be like a fish's caudal fin. My favourite animals are cats and goldfish, so my dumb ass was...
  6. JesterKatz

    Feedback for Deer Girl WIP (Digital Sketch)

    I have recently submitted a WIP of a deer girl I plan on making into a 3D model. I'd like some feedback on her so far, and help improve the quality, at least as far as digital sketches go. I'd like to actually make a better effort to my reference pictures, as the quality of the pictures will...
  7. Dods

    Wip sharing carnival

    Are you proud of your sketch/lineart/flats and wanna sharw it with others, or get a critique before continuing? Drop a wip there! Currently working on this nsfw piece Any thoughts?
  8. KitKatChunKiss

    Anatomy help? ; v;

    I'm not that great on anatomy, so I was wondering if everything looked good on this model before I work on a more final version? I'll add fur later. I also hid the bits so it should be alright for this forum... I hope. ; ;
  9. Dearg

    Having trouble with drawing hands, any tips?

    I'm having a mental block at the moment, I can draw somewhat decently but, when it comes to hands I can't seem to grasp it very well. Here is what I'm trying to do.
  10. S

    Need advice

    Hello everyone, I was just wanting some advice. A few months ago I bought a full body piece from an artist and haven't received any WIPs or updates regarding the piece. I sent him a few messages asking about the artwork and he hasn't responded. He has been going through some personal issues...
  11. M

    here is something i am trying for the first time

    Hello, Mshy here. I am trying to draw fat furs for the first time, i am just nervous about drawing it. So here is a fat amy wip that i made. >~<;
  12. crystallinecanine

    Needing Critique on a WIP

    Before I go ahead and finish this piece up tomorrow, any input would be helpful! I normally just stick with flat colors, but maybe since this is a piece I like, I'll go all out and add shading and light too! I never really venture out of my comfort zone of headshots and icon style drawings so...
  13. crystallinecanine

    First Fursuit Head Progress!

    Watch as a mediocre quality head becomes something good! (I can't call it great because I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, but it's good for a first.) I've placed a censor on my face to preserve any dignity I have left since embracing my true fur side... Here is the character concept...