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  1. Reiv

    If You Could Wish for Something, What Would You Wish for?

    If there would be a machine that grants your wish, any of your wish, no matter how impossible it is, what would you wish for? Please, keep things serious when you answear, but there's a prossiblity that your true answer is meme worthy soooooo, just answer somehow. :V (By the way, you can't...
  2. Shmallow

    What would You change in the Furry "Community"?

    When I first discovered e621 and all of its unending supply of anthro imagery, my thoughts were: "This is the best "community" ever!" - Shmallow, 2012 However, as time went by and my still childish mind developed into today's, 18 year old "adult" one, I've come to several realizations -- not...