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  1. Carameltan_

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [Halloween YCHs! OPEN!] Get two shaded art w/ simple bg for $25!! Or.. have one for $16!

    -Any specie -Female/femboy okay! -Paypal only Dm me or comment if interested!
  2. MochiiBerry

    Moon Bun Enamel Pin Kickstarter!

    ✨Hello! My name is Mochii and I'm running this cute witchy themed Kickstarter! We're nearly half way to our main goal for the incentive pin; Witch Chamomile! There are 7 rewards tiers you can choose from, 2 of which are early birds where you get a discount on the rewards for a short time! The...
  3. Nix-Nimue

    ADOPT Witches (Sonic Style)

    Subasta SB: 5$ MI: 8$ AB :10$ Reglas -Solo acepta Paypal. -Asegúrese de tener suficiente dinero para pagar antes de ofertar. -El pago debe realizarse en menos de 24 horas. -Una vez realizado el pago, te enviaré una imagen a tamaño completo sin marca de agua. -Una vez pagada la adopción NO hay...
  4. mjarfart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ADOPTABLES MEGA SALE

    Hello everyone. My circumstances are such that I really need money now. I usually sell adopts starting at a starting price of $ 50, but now I'm doing a huge sale. And I sell all the unsold adopts in bulk. You will get 15 very different characters for $ 500. Payment via paypal. After purchase...
  5. Glitter_Daddy

    My newest lineless illustration.

  6. devilsroost

    (Adopt/Character) Selling [Auction OPEN SB £30-35 AB £100] CUTE witches

    STRAWBERRY WITCH CAT WITCH **[Auction]** SB - £30 MI - £5 AB - £100 *You will receive a larger HD file of the adoptable once you have won. *extra or alternative outfits can be purchased as an add on for +£20 ----- **[RULES]** *Payment: PayPal [Fee is not included in the cost, I should...
  7. concubus

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ♥ halloween ych - witch butt! ♥ (10$-40$)

    happy (almost) halloween! here’s a ych i made for the season. infinite slots until it’s closed! any species and any gender or sex is fine — all characters must be 18+, legally and physically price varies a bit, depending on the complexity of the characters! but exceptions can be made if...
  8. fuzzypen

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Witch Cat Alex w/ Background story $90

    Adopt Details Build: Custom Original Name: Witch Cat Alex Description: Having been born and raised male, Alex runs away to join a magic school for talented young witches in hopes she might uncover a spell that could change her future. Unfortunately, keeping her secret is harder than she thought...
  9. Chairae

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Halloween YCH - 5 slots OPEN - 23 euro

    Price: 23 euro 3000x4000 pixels Can be m/f Humans/Humanoid only (+ humanoid cs) Fill this form: - Reference: - Gender: - Expression (Happy, sad, shy, indifferent):
  10. Z

    The Witching Hour

    Evening or Morning, boys and girls. I have summoned this thread as a way to reach out to those who have a talent for bringing an imagination to life. I am seriously looking for an artist who has the capability in sculpting out my design. An original character that is, in many ways, a reflection...
  11. Schneewittchen

    Halloween YCH [25$-45$]

    I'm selling these Halloween themed YCH's that range from 25$-45$ They'll all be done quick and in this style. There are no limited slots. I can draw humans or anthros, costumes can be changed but that will cost 5$ extra, 10$ if it is a super detailed costume. PayPal only
  12. Delmi

    $5 Halloween YCH - Oversized Witch Hat! Cute/chibi style!

    Hey everyone! I'm selling $5 YCHs for halloween! Hat color/pattern can be changed to whatever you like. If you're interested, comment here or ping me on my FA: Userpage of Delmi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Completed picture will look like this:
  13. PHorror

    (NSFW) Witch with tentacles. Halloween Ych!

    I have just create an Ych auction with Halloween theme (*¯︶¯*) There is the witch sitting on the pentagram and summoning a demon. Big moon, city landscape, magic and tentacles xD What can be better ahah) Any gender, any species) Here is the link were you can find it) www.furaffinity.net...
  14. Belladonna_Mandrake

    Toony style ref sheet

    Hello I'm hoping for a toony style sheet of my forsona (Belladonna the Possum witch) as i am plan on getting a suit (at some point) and i suck at making sheets and drawing furries Here are some sheets i made using a temp If you have questions about anything let me know
  15. Thelittlehamstar

    Adoptables for sale!

    I got human witch adopts 2 remaining and cuties+ plague doctors open u w u/ i hope it's of your liking! follow me on FA for more stuff :D Userpage of thelittlehamstar -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. dipindu

    [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!)

    Check out the link below for more information! www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu
  17. sinealas

    [YCH] Pin-up Witch

    HEY GUYS! Right now and till the end of this week is OPEN AN AUCTION on my first YCH. And I'm a little nervous about it : D If you love cheeky kitty witches, go check it out! BID HERE: www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Pin-up Witch by SineAlas SB - 70 USD Be the first! : D Examples how it will...
  18. Pastelwerewolf

    3 Bunny adoptable variants for Halloween!

    Ive got 3 variants of bunnies that are up for auction until Sunday night! Check them out :3
  19. snailienz

    Witchsona Adoptables $12

    There will be more of these over the course of the month! $12 each or $15 with a bonus surprise familiar added on!
  20. DeadliestVenom

    Halloween Auction's and YCH's

    Thank for looking!! Autumn Auction: www.furaffinity.net: Early Autumn Morning, Auction Open! by DeadliestVenom Candy Junkie YCH animated $15 www.furaffinity.net: Candy Junkie Animated YCH by DeadliestVenom Lil' Witch $5 www.furaffinity.net: Lil' Witch, YCH by DeadliestVenom Pumpkin Patch...