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  1. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    The Princess & The Demon Guard // // An Arranged Marriage

    The princess of a prosperous kingdom is to take on a personal guard after a failed assassination attempt shakes the kingdom. Even more, controversy occurs as a rookie knight-in-training rises to the challenge. The council surrounding the royal family is dubious of the pick, at best; the princess...
  2. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Sapphic/WLW RP Ad

    Hi there! Looking to do an RP for Sapphic characters; cis, trans, or nonbinary are all valid to me, in an rp partner. I'm kinda open to ideas right now, as I am getting back into literate rps, after a year-or-so break from it. Some of my favorite, general ideas are: Some of my favorites are...
  3. joshine

    wlw book suggestions

    So I'm interested in wlw books, but often the ones I find have, honestly, terrible writing - and I can't enjoy them at all, as much as I might try. A lot of the time lists I find on the internet that are geared toward queer books don't really look at the quality of the writing, just the...
  4. oven

    ♦ all-genre lgbtq+ roleplay forum invite ♦

    Peppersoap Comics is launching a barebones roleplay forum for active long-term roleplayers; original and fan characters, multi genre, lgbtq+ inclusive. AND YOU ARE INVITED. Because. We actually need users to like... be. Board and subforums still under construction, but if you and your...